Comments and buzz from November 1996

Note from Jerry Decker (11/22/96)

Sorry, I've been busy with 'real-world' activities and haven't had a lot of time for the InterNet. That's the only reason the website hasn't been updated over the past two months.

The KeelyNet BBS also has a hard disk error. I bought a new IDE board and installed it with the error persisting. Haven't had a chance to get back to work on it, but this weekend, I'll get it back online.

Thanks for all the emails and phone calls of concern! I appreciate it very much. Nothing spooky going on, just me not being as dedicated as I try to be. Ya gotta love Pat Bailey's favorite YODA quote, 'Do or do NOT, there is NO TRY!'

Some buzz you might find of interest...

JW McGinnis of the International Tesla Society says they now have a new address at I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but give them a shot, they have moved the POP (point of presence) from Salt Lake to Colorado.

Jim Logue kindly sent a document by Henry Moray on Ionic Mining. It is quite fascinating and I intend to post it when I get it scanned and corrected. It deals with the 'enrichment' of low grade ore by artificial aging. It says uranimum (and other elements) at levels of .4% per ton can be increased up to as much as 20% per ton. Ore of 20% can be increased to as much as 80% per ton. Could this be done for gold, platinum or other precious elements, YES! The document gives no hard details as to the process, mostly Morays' basic explanation of stimulating a substance with specific frequencies. Will post it as soon as possible and mail to those in our network working in such areas. Thanks Jim!

Mark Bennett over in England managed to track down Rutherfords' book on Radiation. Dan Davidson said Henry Moray told him directly that there was a circuit in the book which was seminal to his free energy research. The book is very large (around 500+ pages) and has no real circuits. It does have several devices to detect and analyze radiation. Funny that Moray's paper on Ionic Mining quotes a passage from this book as being important. For many years, I had the idea that you could electrically draw and deposit a specific element onto a 'tuned cathode'. The idea being to suspend them in the dynamic waters of the ocean. As the water moved around them, they would extract the element to which they were tuned. A few years back, a very special older researcher said he had worked in a facility where they built a special box which was placed on a table in the lab dining room. This was many years ago and the wallpaper in the room was red flocked (fuzzy material) on an aluminum background (cheesy huh?). My friend said they left the machine on for a couple of hours and when they came back, all the aluminum was gone from the wallpaper and had deposited on the machine. I suspect there was some kind of electrostatic/ionic transport through the air which he said fit in with this 'tuned cathode' idea.

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