Comments from the December 1996 Vanguard Sciences Roundtable meeting

Norm Wootan said he understood Jimmy Smith? (I am uncertain of the last name) had gone up to Canada to work with George Wiseman. Jimmy had co- presented with Wiseman at the last ITS (Tesla) conference in July 1996. He had modified a van to run on hydrogen but it would only run a couple of minutes before stalling out. They ran a video camera outside and piped it to the big video screen so people could all see without crowding around the actual van. Jimmy popped up at one of our Roundtables a couple of months ago since he was living in Fort Worth.

The following claim is unconfirmed at this point, but Norm says Wiseman has found a formula to optimize frequency-to-plate size when breaking down water. The end result of course is that it will produce higher volumes of gas with less energy, possibly the long sought over-unity where you can burn/explode the fuel to provide the current to feed the oscillator and to drive a load.

Of course, no one has yet been able to duplicate Keely's result where the outright dissociation of water beyond hydrogen and oxygen, using 3 drops of water instantaneously exploded would generate 29,000 pounds per square inch of pressure.

Expect a breakthrough from Wiseman this next year and look for his book on the subject when he gets it finished.

That is one of the things I really like about Wiseman, he understands how important it is to provide details for experiments THAT WORK and can back up his claims by selling full details in his very nominally priced books ($10 to $25). I expect shortly, we will have a list of his books posted so you can buy them.

I've not seen them anywhere else on the web and George relies on these sales to finance his experiments, so we should all back this approach as much as we can. Although ITS also sells Wisemans books, the price is about 2-3 times what Wiseman charges and that kind of defeats the purpose, i.e. the widest and most economical distribution of information. But ITS must also survive as do we all and people are free to spend their money toward whatever causes they wish to support.

Also at the meeting, Dr. Jim McCarty gave a short presentation on cranio- sacral enlargement. Basically using balloons stuck up the nose and into the brain cavity to enlarge the braincase. This allows the brain to 'breathe' from the increased space for bloodflow. The idea sounds a bit flaky, but that is part of why people were drilling holes between their eyes in the first place, to resensitize the pineal gland from enhanced oxidation with the idea of opening up new vistas of perception. Dr. McCarty says the full treatment extends over 12 visits, but the basic version is 4 visits for $500. He is one of 10 people trained to do this safely in the US. Several years ago, we had some discussions going on about this on the KeelyNet BBS. We had found some papers on 'drilling' holes in the head and on using drugs to stimulate the oxygen enrichment of the brain by increasing blood flow.

I wrote an article years ago called VEDA1.TXT, a friend of mine knew an engineer who figured out how to stimulate the brain electrically in such a way that consciousness was 'extended' into the unused (as far as is known) 92% of the brain.

This of course awakened abilities and senses which allowed the subject to produce phenomena that included telepathy, mind control over distance, remote viewing, psychokinesis and foresight. It has long been my opinion that yogis and some 'miracle workers' can sense the flow of aether and thus can redirect it at will (like Sai Baba) to produce phenomena on demand.

Dr. Tharp said he had also had reports of increased 'deja vu' experiences as well as lucid dreams that seemed to include foresight. Such correlations and reports, though anecdotal as with many such reports, makes this technique extremely interesting despite the inevitable changes in the shape and size of the head when treated in this fashion, though Dr. Tharp indicates they are minor and in many cases improve the looks of the subject.

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