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The Auto-Thumper

The following fascinating information was sent in anonymously and is intended purely for information and entertainment. If you choose to experiment with what is described, you take full responsibility for your actions. We recommend that you seek qualified medical counsel if you have health problems.
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Beck Magnetic Pulser.

What follows is from the anonymous email...>>> Jerry

About six months ago I read the file on Bob Beck's magnetic pulse device.

I decided to build one, and try it out. I did so, using a 35mm camera flash. I saw immediate and dramatic results in a wide variety of applications.

The magnetic pulse proved effective against

I don't have all of the above conditions (fortunately!) but have been sharing the experimental technology around in a number of directions, and keeping track of the results.

There are indications it may be effective against the viral triggers of rheumatoid arthritis, MS, and similar conditions.

It apparently de-toxifies insect "venoms" somewhat as high voltage electricity is reported to detoxify snake venom.

This week, I have seen it dramaticly reduce a hydraulic cyst on a persons' wrist. In four days or "light" therapy, the cyst went from hard, walnut-sized & turgid, to half-size, slack & wrinkled. (Beats the hell out of repeated surgery!)

I've also received reports that it has caused known precancerous moles to drop off, and diagnosed cancerous tissues (lesions) to flake away, leaving healthy tissue in place.

Most recently, I've seen it improve a case of Viet Nam jungle rot that the VA hasn't even been able to identify, much less treat. Clear white skin showing in the middle of the ugliest scaly purple blotches I've ever seen in just over three days. That was more relief (except for the "healing" itch) than the guy has had in 25 years.

So far, no contra-indications whatever, aside from one person who used it on a heart implant, which prompted an ocurrence of rapid heartbeat, and one chronic dental abcess that apparently started healing so fast that pus pressure popped out an old filling, requiring a trip to the dentist.

This technology works. It works better than my wildest expectations.

Which brings me to the new stuff.

I made my first pulser out of a 35mm flash unit. I named it "Mr. Thumpy" because of the distinctive sound and feel of the pulse. "Mr. Thumpy I" lasted about three weeks, then his electronic guts melted away in a frenzy of over- thumping.

I went out & bought a new flash unit. "Mr. Thumpy II" was born, and died in the same fashion. So did "Mr. Thumpy III".

I kind of figured maybe the back emf was melting out the circuit boards, or they just couldn't handle that much continuous use--I must have spent $50.00 on batteries, before I wised up & went to rechargeables.

There was a whole lot of thumpin' going on.


I went down to Radio Shack, and bought their "Room Strobe". About $40.00, for a square wooden box with a big refector on one side. The classic party strobe.

Inside, there's a teeny little circuit board with a 3-prong strobe light plugged into it.

I disconnected one outside lead on the light, and connected it to one coil cord wire. I then connected the other coil cord wire into the open contact on the plug.

This just put the extension cord & pancake coil in series with the strobe light--exactly as in previous versions, and exactly as described in Bob Beck's file.

The result was a machine-gun pulser: Auto-Thumpy. It hasn't melted out after hundreds of thousands of flashes over a four-month period of time.

Being conservative, I use it at a slow flash rate, about 1/sec. But it gets used a lot.

The pulse was a little frail, so I pulled out the small stock capacitor, and replaced it with a larger one from a 35mm camera flash--one from the melted circuit board of an early Thumpy.

I don't know the value of the larger capacitor, since it wasn't marked-- but it powered up the pulse nicely.

"Auto-Thumpy" can be run for hours at a time, shared by several people, and it just keeps on workin'. No batteries required--just a wall plug.

My minor technical modification could be posted as a footnote to Bob Beck's original file, and might make the use of his technology a little more convenient for some folks.

I've noticed that as minor chronnic "background" infections get cleared up, I've suddenly become aware of their absence. And I seem to have more immune system resources available to deal with day-to-day problems.

I strongly recommend you adopt this technology if you have any kind of problem with unwelcome "colonists"--it's worth the effort, and the cost, a thousand times over.

Just one other small note: it's too early to be sure, but I think using Mr. Thumpy around my face has caused my beard to start growing in black.

I noticed the change when I saw a year-old picture that showed snowy white areas that are now about half-black, in a horizontal pattern. I'm 47, and greyed out in a distinct vertical pattern years ago.

I could care less about the color, but it may indicate a rejuvination of the skin tissue, or some such. I'll be watching for further developments, and will keep you posted.

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