More Anecdotes of the use of Mr. Thumpy

From: David E. Cowlishaw
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: Mr. Thumpy addition - DavidC - 12 September 1997
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 23:40:11 -0700


I just read your "anonymous letter" concerning the Beck electromagnetic device called "Mr. Thumpy". I have had direct contact with the author (as least his writing style and knowlege, including my negative reports of the device's use are VERY familiar!).

I didn't believe the "over the top" claims made in our email correspondence, and passed it off as a "true believer" type of hearsay phenomenon at the time.

The negative reports (a "rejected tooth" implant, and a heart implant anomaly) were my reports of possible dangers, having tried the device after the parts to assemble the device were forwarded to me in the mail.

Having respect for one individual going out of his way to show me a possible new reality, out of guilt (and admittedly, respect) I assembled and tried the device, my wife then tried it, and after some amazing results, my mother tried it.

I first noticed my teeth solidly cemented in my head, I didn't know I had loose teeth until after 2 days of treating a case of "rosacea" (adult acne) on my face, and running the device about my jawline, to see if a chronic case of gum infection would be reduced or eliminated as reported to me was possible.

Guess what? The damn thing worked!!!! Surprised and amazed?, You bet!

I can snap my jaws and a block away you can hear the resonance! My rosacea diminished to the point where I wasn't pulling scabs and bleeding every day.

I've tried it on an embarassing problem I've had since my military days, you know, uuhhhhh, Hmmm, mmmmmeroids (shuffle, blush), and, well, for over 20 years I've had to pull extra toilet paper to stem the red tide, NO MORE! (extra vitamin C also helps).

I did in fact buy a party strobe and made the "Mr. Auto Thumpy" using one pound of number 14 wire wrapped on a VHS reel, and patching into the circuit board to make the series connection through the gas discharge tube.

I didn't get electrocuted (I wisely unplugged the device before messing with the circuitry). I used 10 feet of the largest "speaker wire" zip cord Radio Shack had to offer for the patch cord to the coil.

I also locked the coils together with a cheap bottle of fingernail polish on each layer, my "Mr. Auto Thumpy" doesn't thump, in fact it barely clicks, but the magnetic field is stronger as a result of not wasting energy on wire movement.

I have tried it on a case of (how to politely phrase this, ummm, heat rash?) to diminished effect and had to resort to normal over the counter remedy, but feel it has helped.

To assist in this report, my wife will now continue:

Hi, all.... Yes, gum infections vanish, however, my one "silver-point" root canal became a focus for a major abcess. Upon removal, both eustacian tubes cleared (15 minutes later) and sinuses drained copiously. I've used Mr. Thumpy on mosquito bites - stops 'em dead, no itching, just a pink dot.

I have had several precancerous lesions peal off and have been watching to see if more of those "funny freckles" apeared.

They have and are now mostly peeling off, leaving clean, new flesh.

Several scars from years past (on my hands and fingers) are considerably smaller, just very fine silver lines, than they were.

Ok, R. is short and to the point (me again), what she didn't say was that she had an earache for two weeks before the device was used, and the extracted tooth was rotted to a spike of metal in her jaw (got to document these things), that the dentist was amazed had lasted as long as it had.

The "funny freckles" were something my fingernails raked for over five years, now no longer an absent minded entertainment for my hands to pursue.

Mother tried the device over a "stint" (an expanding mesh tube of stainless steel used to open a narrowed heart artery) and experienced an elevated heart rate, and since hasn't used the device near her artificially enhanced heart.

The doctors have carved out a big chunk of her nose in the past for skin cancer, and the opposite side was exhibiting the same symptoms, an open weeping sore that wouldn't heal, and after a few continued "thumps" everything is normal on her probosus again.

Mr. Thumpy doesn't cure everything, and should be used with caution around artificial implants even remotely antagonistic to the body, but other than the "can't regrow a severed limb, and don't try to heal an artificial construct", I have found no harm in the device, and much good.

If you are fool enough to not know how to work with electronic circuitry without unplugging it first, or that a capacitor can hold a bite, don't try this at home!

We've been told that living under high voltage wires is harmless (ya right!) but a short and rapid EM pulse may endanger our health, I have reservations as to the veracity of the "experts" and will stick with results.

David Eugene Cowlishaw - Silverton Oregon - 12 September 1997

PS: Jerry, you may quote me and attribute these words to me, they are true to my very best attempt at the concept. The Anonymous contributor to your site is also of a stand up nature, but for some reason believes the AMA (Alopaths and Mayhem Association) is more frightening than the Oil companies and Military intelligence, and I will respect his wish to remain a contributor of masked and backlit nature.

Please add my comments linked to the series of documents involving this device, I wouldn't have believed the potential until I tried it, and while still having some reservations, it has performed some minor miracles in my neck of the woods, and believe it deserves more study.....

Thanks for your efforts to help us all! - DavidC - A Quiet night in Oregon. (in case you forgot the connection!)

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