On Stellar Influences to alter Matter or DNA - 03/29/97

Comments on Stellar influences by Jerry W. Decker for KeelyNet

This was originally intended as a response to a post about 'changlings', i.e. children of another race who had been swapped for a human baby. Since it made reference to Easter, I thought it might be of interest.

Legend had it that fairy or gnome children were sometimes swapped for human babies in attempts to explain why a child was malformed (gnome children) or unusually gifted (fairy children).

I almost hate to get into this because of all the flames it might generate, but the late Dr. Andrija Puharich claimed to have been visited by some of these specially gifted children, who are actively networking amongst themselves to keep their abilities secret until they feel it safe to announce thier presence.

Puharich told our group that he believed these special children appeared throughout history at certain periods and had to protect themselves or have champions to protect them, but they could recognize one another and might be the organizers of secret, highly advanced groups who sway human evolution and society using their abilities and knowledge.

We had Puharich in Dallas several years ago for about a week and he gave two public lectures and spoke privately with some in our group. He claimed that some of these children had the ability to teleport and had actually appeared in his home in the middle of the night, though they lived many hundreds of miles away. (For your information, Dr. Puharich died about 2 years ago.)

Most of these children he reported as being telepathic and each had a special gift, though some had more than one gift. At the time, we discussed these abilities as a next step in human evolution in the form of spontaneous or directed mutations.

There have been a couple of Star Trek and other Sci-Fi episodes dealing with the need for these gifted mutants to protect themselves from the fears of their lesser evolved progenitors, who would view them as supernatural or freaks, engendering fear and paranoia that could well bring about their death or enslavement.

Another recent movie that is interesting in this vein is 'Species' (Charlie Sheen) where a signal from space carried a DNA sequence that was used in a military sponsored project to alter human DNA. The alien creature came to its full evolution and abilities roughly at puberty, appearing as a normal human during its formative years.

At a conference several years ago, I met Burl Payne, the fellow who invented the Radio Shack biofeedback device that uses changes in electrical tension on the skin to produce an audio signal. Burl was doing experiments which involved the use of a telescope to focus light and other rays from a given star system into water or other materials. He reported that substances treated by these captured stellar radiations had different properties depending on which star system energy was captured.

This also ties in with the claims and amazing research efforts of Lily Kolisko, who said that at certain times of the year, certain energies bombarded the earth and could be captured in the formation of new matter.

Borderlands out in California (their website is http://www.borderlands.com ) has at least one very excellent book on the work of Kolisko.....there is a story that during one of the world wars (I think it was WWI), some of the shells would explode in the breech of the gun.

Physical examination of the shells could find nothing structurally wrong with them and the shells were all produced in batches. Kolisko heard of this and found that only shells produced from certain batches had this propensity to explode prematurely.

She found that the casings were cast under the influence of specific stellar or planetary influences. The formation of crystals subjected to specific stellar and planetary influences amazingly shows the same patterns each time.

Alchemical Easter Eggs

The pre-Christian 'pagans' held that Easter was a period of resurrection, long before the Christians 'absorbed' this belief into theirs. An alchemist friend of mine, Hans Nintzel, claims that eggs laid within a 3 day period of Easter (before, on or after) would NOT rot or decay over the next year or more. He said they simply dry out and when cracked open would not be rancid, smell or otherwise be different from a fresh egg.

Perhaps such a resurrection/rejuvenation effect is available to those who know how to accumulate or focus these particular stellar radiations to energize, recharge, heal, mutate or rejuvenate the body??

Maybe Townsend Brown's idea of high dielectric, high mass substances such as rocks could be used to concentrate and mechanically focus (by a parabolic dish) these collected energies into a chamber (as in the Kings Chamber) for specific expectations or experiments.

Mechanical focussing refers to shaped cavities as is used in the Olympus Acoustic scanning microscope. This machine uses a crystal with a shaped cavity that directs high frequency sound waves in air (at around 2 million cycles per second) to microscopically scan material.

Star Children

With the advent of the amazing stellar correlations of the Egyptian landscape and structures by Bauval as detailed in his book, 'The Orion Mystery', particularly the intentional focussing of specific stellar radiations from Orion into the King's chamber of the great pyramid, one wonders if conception of a child while under the focussed influence of a specific stellar system would produce, literally, a 'star child' with attributes different from those of normal humans.

Offering a way to accelerate or alter the evolution of humanity by biasing the seminal DNA to a given pattern. Perhaps such stellar radiations are focussed or strong enough in one area of the earth to influence the initial egg/sperm combination to produce the first DNA. It could also affect the extant DNA aggregates of older organisms to produce healing, mutation or rejuvenation.

A new life exposed to such a pattern would have that pattern replicated for the remainder of the organisms existence, yielding unusual abilities, different appearance or other peculiar characteristics. Ra, Set, Osiris, even Horus and Anubis with the animal heads, could well be intentionally spawned using such stellar influences.

What if the ancient priests knew of this stellar patterning technique and could produce a royal lineage at will?

In the event it failed one time, they could do it again and again until the child had the qualities they desired for resurrecting an old lineage or creating a new lineage, shades of Dr. Moreau!