The Rife Way
by Mark Simpson
KeelyNet 01/06/02

This article was taken from Issue 2 of the
Electrus Newsletter on Bio-Electronics for November 1990.

Mark Simpson (electrician, musician, composer) became interested in Rife after hearing an audio cassette on the subject in 1987. Mark and others soon began researching the feasibility of microbe blasting. The following article examines Rife's personal history, describes microbe blasting experiments and gives teh reader enough information to recreate something very close to the original Rife Ray (frequencies included), which is said to have healed many cancers and other diseases. Mark and his brave band of anonymous New Age health nuts have begun their humanitarian quest to prove the theory true or false and if possible make microbe killing a worldwide everyday reality.

Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971), scientist, inventor and machinist who is said to have created five light source super microscopes (four of which went beyond 30,000x in resolution), is said to be the first person to physically prove pleomorphism in micro organisms (the phenomenon of mutating into distinctly different life forms), is reported to have perfected a method of culturing and growing cancer virus and is credited with conceiving and inventing a radio frequency unit which broadcast certain audio frequencies (which were gated or turned on and off four times a second) which induced forced oscillation resonance to the point of exploding many harmful micro organisms in the body without harming the patient. This method is credited with completely healing many cancers, tuberculosis, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, pneumonia and even some cataracts.

This is the story of how frequency may be used to destroy virus, bacteria and fungi.

To summarize; virus, bacteria and fungi are said to be like kidney stones or crystal glass in that when subjected to the right frequency, they blow up!

To achieve 'forced oscillation resonance' with a crystal glass, first tap the glass with a spoon to determine its natural frequency of vibration (this varies from glass to glass). After you know the precise note sing it or play it with a clarinet. The glass will start to resonate or vibrate.

Now turn up the volume; pump in more energy at the same rate and watch your glass vibrate to smithereens. Forced oscillation resonance affects suspension bridges also. Wind caused the Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge to collapse on November 7, 1940 and NO, it wasn't just blown away. My scientific buddies tell me that everything (even outer space?) has a resonant frequency. When this resonant frequency is reached in large enough volume, the object of scrutiny breaks into pieces. The premise of this report is to explore forced oscillation resonance in micro organisms.

Fortunately for mammals, our cellular structure is said to be about one hundred times tougher than viral cellular structures and about fifty times tougher than bacteria and fungi. This is why we don't blow up when some micro organisms do (this assumes a human mortal oscillatory rate 'MOR').

Unfortunately this business of frequency is not so simple. Our research indicates that Rife succeeded in exploding microbes with distored sine waves from the beginning. Rife's distorted sine wave had a sharp left hand edge and was probably as close to a square wave as could be had in the 1930's. Rife went to the trouble of filming oscilloscope pictures of these killer audio range waves (1) (some of the film survives in video form today). A fellow researcher friend of mine (who wishes to remain anonmyous) says that Rife knew that the harmonics of his distorted sine waves were killing the microbes.

The left hand leading edge of Rife's distorted sine wave (or of today's square waves) contained a burst of energy which was loaded with harmonics. The harmonics should not be thought of as separate individual frequencies (even though they are), but rather as the inseparable byproduct of the primary frequency.

Without the primary frequency (in distorted sine or square wave form) there would be no array of harmonics, and so in a sense, it is the primary frequency which is necessary first and foremost. For a long time I thought that one of these harmonic frequencies might be the sole microbe killer and thus should be identified and used as the primary frequency. In order to prove that one particular frequency alone is resonating microbes to pieces, one would have to use a sine wave without generation of harmonics. After determining the correct sine wave frequency one would most likely return to a square wave of the same frequency, as these waves are much more violent in nature. This hunt and peck, search and destroy mission would take years to accomplish, even if square waves were the only waves tested.

As microbe size and mass are directly related to forced oscillation resonance vis-a-vis specific frequency, one naturally asks the question; How can audio frequencies which are measured in feet and inches cause micron sized objects to explode?

We are left with only harmonics to start the forced oscillation resonance. These harmonics have to be many times higher than the original audio frequency in order to be the same size as the microbe, although some say that a combination of octaves much lower and larger than the microbe might be all that's needed to start the 'wigglin' which precedes the explosion.

One way to test this theory is to find a specific sine wave frequency and then explode a crystal glass with it. Next try to blow the same kind of glass with a sub-harmonic of the original sine wave frequency, only this time use square waves. I suspect such research has been done and if anyone has heard of it, please let me know (address at the end of the article).

In the beginning Rife used radio rays to deliver the 'devitalizing' audio range frequencies. Allegedly radio rays or waves do nothing good or bad when broadcasting music, talk or dead air time.

Today these man made rays continually pass through almost all North American humans, but not at the 500 watts of power that Rife used on cancer patients. Some say that radio frequency is cumulative, that a broadcaster delivering 25 watts should be added to the one delivering 30 watts to equal 55 watts of bombardment for that particular instant.

Some say that our constant cumulative bombardment far exceeds 500 watts, most any time of the day or night. I am tempted to believe that all radio waves pass harmlessly through the body and do nothing at all. Royal Rife might punch me in the nose upon hearing such blasphemy. He would probably say, 'You're a jerk, cause I blew those bugs under a scope and actually cured sixteen 'hopeless' cancer patients.' Research is needed to determine if audio range square waves manifest themselves differently when delivered via electrodes placed on the body, as compared to delivering these same frequencies via radio, through the air.

Of course research is needed to determine if one can actually blow bugs through the air, using a radio frequency carrier wave. This has yet to be proven by modern Rife researchers (Ultraviolet radiations do explode microbes through the air, but they do not penetrate the body more than an inch or so. Radio waves go all the way through the human body.)

Within the 'electrical medical family' there has arisen a debate which centers on the medium the frequenices travel through. For example, sound waves travel through air and electrical current flows through water, wires and people.

My think tank of anonymous frequency experts tell me that 'frequency is frequency', that sound waves are measured and counted exactly the same as complete cycles of electric current and that the confusion over only sound waves resonating objects to pieces is a smoke screen used to skew a common sense understanding of what's going on.

I thought I had come up with a great way to test this theory until I was shot down by our 'Frequency Ace'. My idea was to hook wires to a glass and blow it up. But just as sound waves will not easily pass through a human body, so too with electrical current though a good insulator (glass, air, rubber) and radio waves through lead. Strange as it seems, sound waves do pass through glass (they also bounce off of glass).

The other side of the tracks takes the position that Rife resonated microbes (if he really did) with sound waves only. It is said by this camp that those who use electrode models deliver an entirely electrical pulse repetition rate, which is not the same thing. Even though you can hear musical tones being 'played' by your square wave generator, you are receiving the electrical 'shocks' in such a way as to start something in your ear to resonate. The electrical pulse repetition rate is 'playing' you. To further elucidate this Beckian point of view, I would like to quote from, 'The Mad Scientist's Workshop' (Feb. 1990):

'The information contained in this issue comes from an extremely qualified researcher (who shall remain nameless) and who is considered by some to be the Top scientist in the 'New Age' field.

(later in the article) Rife's original theory was that each pathogen has a unique size that can be physically resonated and 'blasted' with its exclusive tuning like a wine glass shatters with a specific tone. This thesis has innumerable drawbacks including the fact that Rife and his modern day followers confuse pulse repetition rates with 'frequency'.

FIT (frequency instrument therapy) wave pulses are electrical, not acoustical, and therefore won't 'vibrate' cells even at critical dipole resonance except for minute piezoelectric effects found only in bone and some cell membranes; also FIT wavelengths are many orders of magnitude longer than quarter wave resonances of viruses.

But most significantly, all Rife-type instruments are square wave generators. By textbook definition, square waves always contain an infinite number of odd harmonics extending beyond many megahertz in transformerless designs. So to confuse square wave repetition rates with coherent, discrete cell 'frequency' is clearly absurd and continues to handicap thinking in the field of electromedicine today.

Each and every pulse regardless of its rate produces hundreds of actual, discrete, individually measurable frequencies in the form of harmonics as displayed with frequency domain spectrum analyzers.

Oscilloscopes cannot show these embedded harmonics since scopes show only time domain displays. And the nano-hz and pico-hz signals active at viral dimensions cannot possibly penetrate the body because of 'skin effect' (eddy current) repulsion, even if they were present, which they are not. Embedded harmonic 'frequencies' unrecognized by Rife's theory are what make a flute, piano or trumpet, although playing the same note (hz) sound entirely different.

A better hypothesis may be that the body's internal endogenous immune system is activated by the alien electromagnetic signals and a broad spectrum of neuropeptides, hormones, leukotrines plus other antibodies are rapidly stimulated into production.'

Of course Rife and our group blew up microbes outside an immune system under a microscope. These microbes in some instances exploded almost instantly. Later I will describe how our electrical 'pulse repetition rates' resonated paramecium to pieces.

In 1920 Royal Raymond Rife finished building a 17,000 power light source microscope. Although hard to focus and awkward to work with, this microscope challenged the theoretical magnification and resolution limits of light source microscopy and was the forerunner of four more super-scopes that Rife built.

Rife's Unversal Microscope is said to have magnified 61,000 times with a resolution of 30,000 diameters. Today light source microscopy is limited to about 2,500 to 5,000 diameters. Light source microscopes can see living organisms. Electron microscopes (which can go to 400,000x and up ) kill their quarry with their high voltage electron beams. Rife's five microscopes allowed the viewing of living virus for the first time in human history (according to Rife afficionados). Viewing was the key to Rife's success. This allowed him to view said viral destruction. (2)

All five of Rife's revolutionary microscopes had a monochromatic option. Rife could illuminate specimens with different colors of light. He created light frequencies which were in resonance with the chemical constituents of the virus, etc. under observation. This illumination caused certain micro organisms to glow, say blue, purple-red, turquoise, green, brown or whatever color that was in resonance with its chemical constituents. Without this glowing these cancer virus, etc. were invisible, even though the magnification was sufficient to make them visible size-wise.

Rife claimed a more efficient way to culture cancer virus. Growing pure cultures of some microbes are problematic for micro biologists even today. From Rife's 1953 article (see bibliography):

'Ten millimeter blocks of this tumor (in 1932) were placed in 'K' media and incubated at 37.5 C. with no results. After many long procedures and attempts to grow the cancer virus had failed, the discovery of the growth method of cancer virus was found. A test tube containing a sample from the unulcerated breast mass was sealed and placed in an argon gas filled loop with 15mm vacuum and activated with 5,000 volts. (This media was of tyrode solution and desiccated slime intestine).

This test tube was then checked for cancer virus, but at this point none were visible. Then the test tube was subjected to a 2-inch water vacuum and incubated for 24 hours. Upon examination the solution in the test tube was teeming with cancer virus which were the most highly motile and the smallest in size of any of the viruses previously isolated. These BX or cancer viruses refracted a purplish red color with the monochromatic beam.'

Rife was no scientific spring chicken. Some articles say that Rife was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Hiedelberg just before World War I. Millionaires Timken (of the Timken Roller Bearing Co.) and Bridges (of the Bridges Carriage Co.) supported Rife's research. Rife worked with famous medical researchers Dr. Arthur I. Kendall (Director of Medical Research at Northwestern University Medical School) and Dr. Edward C. Rosenow (of the Mayo Clinic's Division of Experimental Bacteriology). Rife's microscopes and/or his work were reported in many articles during the 30's and 40's (both newspapers and scientific journals). Some of the more famous articles include:

'The New Microscopes', Seidel, R.E. and Winter, M. Elizabeth Journal of the Franklin Institute, February, 1944. This article was reprinted in the Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institute - 1944.

'Observations on Filter-Passing Forms of Eberthella Typhi-Bacillus Typhosus - and of the Streptococcus from Poliomyelitis', Rosenow, Edward C. Proceedings of the Staff Mettings of the Mayo Clinic, July 13, 1932.

'Science's Latest Strides in War on Ills Disclosed, Development by San Diegan Hailed as Boon to Medical Research', The Los Angeles Times, November 22, 1931.

'Observations on Bacillus and Typhosus in its Filtrable State', Kendall, Arthur & Rife, Royal, California and Western Medicine, December, 1931.

'Observations with the Rife Microscope of Filer-Passing Forms of Microorganisms', Science, August 26, 1932.

'Dread Disease Germs Destroyed by Rays Claim of S.D. Scientist', Jones, Newell, San Diego Tribune, May 6, 1938.

'Rife Bares Startling New Conceptions of Disease Germs', Jones, Newell, San Diego Tribune, May 11, 1938.

'Local Man Bares Wonders of Germ Life', San Diego Union, November 3, 1929.

It is claimed by Rife enthusiasts that Rife was the first person in history to actually physically prove pleomorphism in micro orgranisms. Pleomorphism is the phenomenon of mutating into distinctly different life forms; similar to caterpillars turning into butterfiles. From Rife's 1953 article:

'We have classified the entire category of pathogenic bacteria into 10 individual groups. Any organism within its group can be readily changed to any other organism within the ten groups depending upon the media with which it is fed and grown.

For example, with a pure culture of bacillus coli, by altering the media as little as two parts per million by volume, we can change that micro organism in 36 hours to a bacillus typhosis showing every known laboratory test even to the Widal retraction.

Further controlled alterations on the media will end up with the virus of poliomelitis or tuberculosis or cancer as desired, and then if you please, alter the media again and change the micro organisms back to a bacillus coli.'

Rife developed a way to irradiate specimens with certain frequencies. By broadcasting an audio (1) frequency (728, 787, 800, 880, 20, 5,000 & 10,000 are some of the good ones, so they say) on a radio frequency carrier wave (CB radio and short wave work fine), Rife was able to view spectacular explosions of living motile creatures. Imagine a tone and continuous stream of sixteenth notes and you have a picture of Rife's method. Rife would broadcast this maddening racket on a radio frequency carrier wave. This is what blew the bugs.

Since 1934 when sixteen terminal cancer patients were healed at the Scripps ranch (according to Bud Curtis, near Escondido, California at that time), literally thousands have been helped by the use of frequency therapy.

I, Mark Simpson, am not encouraging anyone to experiment with frequency therapy or frequency machines. This must be done at the experimenters' own risk. This information is for research purposes only.

Our bodies are said to harbor five good bacteria. Some machines like the S.W.A.T. II or the Q.L.F - 1 definitely have enough zip to their zap to kill bacteria in the digestive tract if one sits on the electrodes. Some say that care should be taken to restore the body to optimum nutritional levels after treatments with frequency machines (our group hardly ever does, it's too much trouble to eat acidophilus and/or carrots). Almost everyone in the alternative medical field says this.


1 - Until recently I was convinced that Rife used audio range motral oscillatory (MOR) only. We now know that Rife, Johnson and Hoyland didn't even have a means of measuring the frequencies they produced and that they experimented with many a 'band of oscillation'. They amplified their original oscillation six time before putting it and the 'carrier wave' through their ray tube (which served as a directional antenna). In 1953 Rife acquired his first(?) 'oscillograph' and thus the ability to 'quit guessing on the Rife Ray.' We are really not sure if they knew any frequency, but I think they must have had a good idea of the radio frequency carrier wave, and I would assume that the initial oscillation to be broadcast would be fairly easy to read off of the dial of their frequency generator if there was a dial to read. The only oscillation left to measure is what was created after six amplifications. The new oscillograph tried to measure 'oscillations coming out of the machine'. It was 'hazy and difficult to use'.

This article is slanted toward audio range square wave MORs but when I found the following letter to Rife from Johnson, I became concerned because radio waves are smaller and thus closer to the actual micron size of microbes (their harmonics would be stronger in the higher ranges also). Radio frequency size makes radio frequency a more logical first choice when trying to induce forced oscillation resonance in microbes.

John F. Crane and his copy-cats publish mostly audio range numbers. I think it entirely possible that Crane overlooked the 'k' when assembling his list of healing frequencies. When experimenting with anyone's audio numbers, I suggest also trying the same number times 1,000. This having been said, I must also state that the five Super Pro numbers are rumored to be very effective (727, 666, 690, 1840, 1998). Many of the audio range numbers produce results (whether placebo, immune stimulation or microbe exploding as the end result has yet to be proven).

Nothing is absolutely certain when it comes to exact renderings of the frequencies that Rife employed or of the output of the four (plus?) Rife Ray machines or of the 14 Beam Ray models. Even Rife had trouble knowing the exact numbers he used (my suspicion) and it is entirely possible that Philip Hoyland came up with many a good number himself. John Crane has said that Rife was extremely secretive with his frequencies, which of course facilitated the technology's demise. I think Rife died a bitter old goat and kept some of his knowledge for exclusive use in the after life. The following letter is what started this first massive footnote:

'My Dear Dr. Rife,

You will find enclosed a copy of a letter which I just received from Dr. Schram, also, my reply. I am sending you this early in the game so you can think over what we will decide on when I get down there. I have expressed my views to her rather plainly.

I am also enclosing a copy of a chart prepared for me by Phil which shows the frequencies in kilocycles of the different MORs we have worked with. Opposite these frequencies you will find the proper switch and settings on both groups. Also, you will find the limits of the frequencies of the different switches in the different groups. Now, in looking over the frequencies representing the MOR of certain organisms, I find that the typhoid rod has 760kc, and just above that you will find that the typhoid filter passing has 1445 kc that is almost an exact harmonic of the rod.

Assuming that the banana might represent the rod form of the cryptomyces pleomorphia on the same plan let us assume that BX is the filter passing form of this same organism. It that is so, we should kill the rod, it being the harmonic of the rod form, at 800kc. This 800kc will come in group No. 2 on switch 6. A reference to the (manual for Rife Ray Machine #4) proper chart under Group No. 2 would give the exact setting to get 800kc. This is just a chance and I have no assurance that it will work out, but I think it is worth trying so I think I would try on switch 6 in Group 2 for your first effort to kill the fungus, or rather to kill the bananas. But, of course, go on through the whole series if necessary.

As I told you over the phone the other day, Dick and I will probably drive down Friday afternoon. We will go directly to the El Cortex and see you Saturday morning. Phil will drive down Saturday morning with the truck and bring the No. 4 machine back with him.

I hope you find that the new photographic apparatus meets your fullest expectations and I am looking forward to Saturday with great anticipation to seeing what you can produce. I would certainly like to see some pictures of diatomes taken on the still machine with your new microscope but that will work out in time I guess.

Yours, very sincerely,
Milbank Johnston

2 - Rife is not the only one accused of violating the physical 'law' that one cannot resolve smaller than a wavelength of light. From the Journal of the Franklin Institute's Feb. 1944 article, 'The New Microscopes' (see bibliography):

Dr. Luca's microscope utilizing an objective with a numerical aperture of 1.60, for instance, in combination with monochromnaphalene immersion fluid, also yields resolution up to 6,000 diameters being, like the Graton-Dane scope, a high precision instrument constructed with the idea of maintaining absolute stability of parts. Dr. Lucas also has expressed doubt as to the complete validity of the generally accepted theory of resolution.

In working with a high precision ultra-violet micro-camera, into which a tri-color filter system has been incorporated, which he has just recently perfected. Dr. Lucas is able to obtain a minimum magnification of 30,000 and a maximum magnification of 60,000 diameters.

With this instrument it is possible to view living cells and organisms, no staining or killing of organisms being necessary, and Dr. Lucas has succeeded in obtaining excellent photomicrographs (both still and motion pictures).

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