Update on New Rife Experiments and miscellania - 09/01/97

Imagine a pager-sized, portable Rife plasma wave device using a NEON tube as its tuneable emitter. Recent experiment reports by anonymous sources have shown that off the shelf neon lamps (about .40 each) can be driven using mhz signals to destroy disease by resonance. Since they are plasmas ignited and sustained by a minimum 70volt AC signal, they can easily be modulated with RIFE frequencies.

A local early RIFE researcher and source of the Blaster5 program confirms that all of his many experiments using audio modulated Rife frequencies could be carried on any wavelength, ranging from CB radio to any color of laser light.

This contact also reported that the reason you don't hear much about 'HIV tainted' blood from blood banks recently was due to use of RIFE frequencies to kill HIV and other parasites beginning in 1987.

He also reports a local TV broadcast a couple of months ago at noon on Channel 5 that was from a Minnesota company who claimed to have developed just such a laser decontamination process (using RIFE frequences modulated onto the laser beam) and was urging the FDA to allow them to sell it commercially.

Efforts were made by this same researcher to secure a videotape of the broadcast without any cooperation from the TV station. Nothing else has been broadcast to his knowledge about this new technology. This is not the ozone/UV system which bubbles through the blood.
Three other points of interest that are non-Rife but intriguing, Cheyenne Turner informed me of a new device that induces hypothermia(?) by using a metal heater inserted in the rectum and set to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea is to heat the blood passing through the large arteries in that area, which would cook any parasite and is said to have positive results with cancer.

The other comment was about a new book claiming that your blood type determines what types of food you need to eat for optimum health and energy. One type needs primarily meat, another type needs primarily fruits and yet another needs primarily vegetables. Changes in the diet to fit the blood type are said to be remarkable.

The third comment was from our last Roundtable where we discussed a post stating that microwaved food caused changes in the food nutrients which changes your blood when eaten. Dr. Bob in our group said that applied only to foods that were COOKED, not SIMPLY REHEATED....seeya!