Rife BLASTER5 Anecdote Collection Page

For those who would like to experiment with the Rife frequencies as produced and applied using the BLASTER5 program, it would be useful and informative to others if any results (either negative or positive) all be compiled on a single page.

The suggested modification will not damage your computer and is very simple to do as detailed in the BLASTER5.TXT file.

The actual program that contains the majority of known Rife frequencies is listed on KeelyNet as BLASTER5.ZIP which should come up on your screen saying 'save as'. It works fine with Netscape but I don't know about other browsers.

In the near future, I will link all known Rife files to this page as a single point resource. There are numerous groups on the net which are much more heavily involved in Rife and I would be glad to post their URL in the interest of networking the information as much as possible.

If you have used the BLASTER5 program and would like to post a report for all to see, please enter 'Rife report' in the Subject area of your email and send it to Jerry at KeelyNet.

Please note, this is ONLY for results from the BLASTER5 program and not for results achieved through the use of Dr. Bare's excellent plasma wave device, nor the frequency generator versions. There are other sites dedicated to reports and discussions regarding these devices.
Your assistance is appreciated.