High Power Magnetic Impulse Experiment - 12/02/97

*** The following file is an anecdotal account from a party who wishes to remain anonymous. It is purely for entertainment and in no way is it being recommended as a treatment. See a qualified medical practitioner if you have medical problems. ***
Got an interesting call the other day from a fellow who had been suffering from a hiatal hernia. He said this caused a kind of acid reflux which gave him pain after eating. The temporary solution was to take $3.00 capsules which would alleviate the pain for a brief period.

After reading about the work of Gianni Dotto and several other files on high density magnetic fields, this fellow decided to try an experiment.

As I understood it, high density magnetic flux lines when pulsed near the body will induce a higher electrical potential in the cells.

Based on this, a length of #9 solid core insulated copper wire was wrapped around the subject's chest area. This wire was connected through an off-the- shelf automobile STARTER SOLENOID. The starter solenoid was connected to a 12VDC deep cycle marine battery.

The idea was to use the starter solenoid as a momentary switch. When the battery current rushed into the coil of wire, it would produce a fast rising high density magnetic current that would fully saturate tissue within the coil.

The North end of this coil should be at the top end of the body, the South at the lower section of the body.

It was estimated that an approximately 2000 ampere current at 12VDC was sent through the coil.

Our anonymous friend reports an IMMEDIATE cessation of pain with no recurrence of the reflux problem. He went on to zap himself a few more times for good measure and each time he felt better and more energetic.

This information was passed to another fellow who suffered from a bone injury in his arm from a Viet Nam incident. He zapped himself with the arrangement and reported instant cessation of pain after years of discomfort. In addition, he said his weak arm which had the bone condition was now much stronger than his 'good' arm.

The recounter of this story says he thinks the high intensity magnetic impulse causes the DNA to constrict momentarily. I don't see how this would alleviate pain in itself and at this time there is evidence for why the pain goes away.

Dr. Pappas has patented a similar technique and has an idea of why it works, see the Pappas Pain Control Device at the bottom of this file for more detail. Bob Beck also has a magnetic impulse version of his HIV Blood Neutralizer circuit that is intended to clear the lymph nodes. It is also listed at the bottom of this file.

Quite a novel story which the anonymous reporter swears is true, at least he said it worked for him and his friend. I think the beauty of it is the pure redneck experimenter attitude, using off-the-shelf components in a simple configuration to produce results.

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