Cardiovascular Problems - 01/01/98
Updated 08/30/14

Note : This file is NOT to be construed as a recommendation, advice or a prescription for any medical problems. It is simply an anecdote recounted for the entertainment and enjoyment of Keelynet associates. You are responsible for your own actions should you choose to experiment with the information this file contains. We recommend you seek assistance, advice or treatment from qualified medical practitioners if you require medical attention.

Update 08/30/14 - Shooting Pains - For about 6 days, I've been experiencing increasingly more intense sharp shooting pains in my left leg in the lower shin and near the ankle. Had me worried so I've been thinking about it and it struck me it could be due to particulates in the blood, such as plaque since I've been eating more beef than usual.

I haven't taken this lysine/vitamin C mixture for a few months now, so last night, 6 days after these pains started, I took the full 4 grams of Lysine and 4 grams of Vitamin C ascorbate.

This morning, I noticed my feces was runnier than normal and all day, not a hint of any pain from my left leg or now at 4AM today. I'm thinking the runny feces was the purging of loose fat and plaque from the action of the mix I took last night.

I will take this mixture for a few more days to further help clean out my circulation.

So if you have shooting pains, you might want to give this a shot. I would appreciate an email if you try this, sharing your results. Email JWD

(I also had charley horse type muscle cramps a couple of times over this 6 day period, I almost never get muscle cramps of any kind!)

At a recent meeting with friends, we were talking about various alternative medical treatments. The source of this information says he recently heard about a non-surgical treatment for cardiovascular problems.

The late Dr. Linus Pauling and a fellow named Matthias Rath received a patent in 1994 for a method to remove lipoproteins (plaque) from the cardiovascular system without requiring surgery. You can view or print the patent on the US Patent Office.

5278189 - Rath/Pauling Lipoprotein Removal patent on the USPTO server
abstract and basic details

The recommended dosage was 4 to 6 GRAMS of Lysine to be taken with 4 to 6 GRAMS of vitamin C (ascorbate).

As it was explained to him, one of these substances breaks the lipoprotein from the circulation system walls, the other substance dissolves the lipoproteins so the body can easily remove them.

Note, most vitamins and such are measured in milligrams and I was assured it was in GRAMS, not Milligrams. This is inline with Dr. Pauling's long standing recommendation for megadoses (high quantities) of vitamin C.

Both Lysine and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can be purchased at any natural food store and most pharmacies in the herb/vitamin section.

The best treatment I had heard of for heart problems was CO-Q-10. It is fairly expensive and must be taken regularly.

There is also a diet that claims to thin the blood. Just as dirty, thick oil in your car engine will eventually cause problems, so too can thick, high viscosity blood make it difficult for the heart to move it through the body and to maintain consistent pressure and volume. I will post that diet and link it to this page when complete.

If you CHOOSE to experiment with this, please share your observations with us or with other networks so everyone can learn from your experience. Thanks.

United States Patent 5,278,189

Rath , et al. January 11, 1994

Prevention and treatment of occlusive cardiovascular disease with ascorbate and substances that inhibit the binding of lipoprotein (A)


A method is provided for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, such as atherosclerosis, by administering therapeutically effective dosages of a drug comprised of ascorbate, lipoprotein(a) binding inhibitors, and antioxidants. A method is provided for the treatment of occlusive cardiovascular disease, comprising the step of administering to a subject an effective amount of ascorbate and one or more binding inhibitors, as a mixture or as a compound comprising ascorbate covalently linked with binding inhibitors, which inhibit the binding of Lp(a) to blood vessel walls, such as arterial walls. This effect may also be obtained by administering an effective amount of one or more inhibitors, without ascorbate. The term binding inhibitor throughout the specification and claims is intended to include all substances that have an affinity for the lysine binding site present on the interior walls of blood vessels, particularly arteries, the site of Lp(a) binding. Most of these substances compete with plasmin for the lysine binding site and some of these compounds, in high doses, are in clinical use for the treatment of hyperfibrinolytic states.

Our invention is based in part on our discovery that animals which have lost the ability to produce ascorbate, such as higher primates and guinea pigs, uniformly produce Lp(a). Most animals which possess the ability to synthesize ascorbate generally do not produce Lp(a). Further, we have found that ascorbate deficiency in humans and guinea pigs tends to raise Lp(a) levels and causes atherosclerosis by the deposition of Lp(a) in the arterial wall, from which we conclude that ascorbate administration lowers plasma Lp(a) levels.

In your body’s pH, you need to be more alkaline than acidic to maintain good health. If you are acidic you are more prone to sickness and disease. When you are more alkaline and eat alkaline foods your body is more resistant to sickness and disease.

So in relation to vitamin C there are 2 main forms of vitamin C. an ascorbate = alkaline and an ascorbic acid = acidic.

When you take an ascorbate form it makes your body more alkaline. When you take an acidic form you make your body more acidic.

If you are taking an acidic form every few hours you are then making your body more acidic, allowing you to become more prone to sickness which is counter-productive to staying healthy and taking vitamin c in the first place. By taking an ascorbate form you are then making your body more alkaline, thus making it more resistant to sickness!