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It is in the vein of the book 'Do it Yourself Brain Surgery'

The Redneck Kevorkian
KeelyNet 12/23/01

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I hate to bring this up here as one of the focii of KeelyNet is HEALTH, achieved and sustained through alternative means such as light, magnetics, electronics, etc.. The idea is to keep people healthy for as long as possible to enjoy the highest quality of life.

But after witnessing my closest friend die last year, hearing her pleading with someone to put her out of her misery in the last hours as she could not get enough air due to massive lung cancer, it really made an impact. There is no question they overdosed her on heroin to assist in the loss of muscle tone for the lungs so that her breathing slowed and eventually stopped.

I am told by a couple of doctor friends that this is a common practice for terminal cases by many. Many of the people here accept alternative health and healing ideas but there comes a point in illness where it becomes quite obvious that the degradation is so severe as to not be recoverable.

I've always been a fan of Jack Kevorkian as was my lady friend and some of our other friends who were also there, but the methods he uses weren't something that others could easily duplicate for assisted termination.

Therefore, I came across this article describing a redneck version that anyone could use for assisted suicide in terminally ill patients. Not that I am promoting or remotely suggesting that anyone does this, just that it is an interesting article posted in a major newspaper;

Simple Suicide

...'A better way, he believes, is the "debreather," a device he's developed from a camping-store water bag, a hose, a painter's mask and a plastic jar filled with what looks like kitty litter.

With this device, made with parts available widely and inexpensively, he says death is quick and painless, and avoids the indignity and mess involved in gunshots or jumping. The man, who declines to give his name, is one of more than two dozen engineers, doctors, right-to-die activists and others from around the world who came together in Seattle over the weekend to view the latest technology in do-it-yourself dying.

...But in the meantime, patients and their families are very happy to have these devices, they say. The two have helped eight people die - seven with the "debreather," which uses pellets of calcium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide to "scrub" carbon dioxide out of the air breathed through a mask, avoiding a "panic" reflex while the person dies peacefully of lack of oxygen.

"We're the only people with practical experience with it," Exoo says. They helped another patient die with a tank of helium, a hose and a plastic bag over the patient's head. It was very fast, Exoo says - maybe two minutes. "Now, I think we'll be using helium with the other (debreather) as a backup," he said.'

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