Kegler Pain Control Formula - 06/21/98

Hi Folks! There has been a local commercial (Dallas) that airs about 2AM for about 3 seconds, claiming to be a pain control fluid. I've tried to get the phone number and finally succeeded a few weeks ago.

The substance is an herbal formulation by a fellow named Arrie Kegler and is currently sold only in Dallas to my knowledge. Since I was up at 2AM, I called the phone number thinking I would get an answering machine but a human voice ansered, it was Arrie himself. I made profuse apologies for waking him this late and he said that was alright as he was up anyway. We talked for about 15 minutes and I found where to go to his office over on 300 East Ledbetter in the old Kmart building.

I was most instrigued by the pain control formula as he said it would stop ANY PAIN within 3 minutes by negating something called the P receptor.

The day after our conversation I drove over to South Dallas and could not find the location. So last week I called and asked if he might be willing to do a little talk for our local Roundtable meetings that we have the 3rd Wednesday of each month. He said yes, that might be arranged. He had told me earlier they make up cotton swabs with their solution on them and give them out in tiny ziplock bags so people can try this for themselves, and that he would be happy to let anyone try his fluid at the meeting.

When I arrived at 7:15, I finally got to meet Arrie, a short black man, and he had brought two men and two women as assistants. I found Arrie and his family and helpers to be very organized and helpful. Arrie had brought two videos to show, so we chose the 19 minute testimonial video after which he would explain how this all came about, some of the results that had been getting and that he would be happy to let people try the formula right there.

This was a first for the Roundtable and one lady actually chastised me for it!!!! I explained that this was a highly unusual case and that I had NEVER done this in the past, besides, it was a free meeting and she was there of her own accord. She said she'd brought two people because our discussions were always so varied and interesting and she felt this was not right. Geez, all she wanted was FREE entertainnment and I'm expected to provide it...what's with some people????????? I'm fairly sure her and her leach friends left and good riddance. The meeting was excellent and Arrie must have sold over $1000 worth of his product, but I digress... I had called a few people the day before the Roundtable to see if they knew of anyone who was suffering pain or chronic pain who would be willing to experience this fluid for possible benefit. Dr. Bob said he would bring a hammer so I could experience it, but I had to pass and note in my book not to let him EVER treat me.

I'm not sure of the quantity, but I'd say about 1/2 pint for $32 which I bought 5 of. We had one guy who could not move his left arm behind his back. Arrie rubbed his shoulder with a cotton swab saturated with the formula and within about 5 minutes, Ken could almost clap his hands behind his back, he said it no longer hurt.

Others had knee and arthritis type pains which seemed to be relieved. It is not an anesthetic as you can still feel sensation after the treatment. Arrie says it also relieves Gout and he has a special formula for Asthma and congestive problems. He also said it had been used on two peolpe with brain cancer and in one case, the cancer disappeared. This makes sense to me, because, IN MY UNDERSTANDING, some forms of cancer are produced by continued cell stimulation and inflammation, so stop the inflammation and the cancer might be helped.

They have many cases that are documented and notarized as to the symptoms prior to application and the results after using the pain formula.

I know some people who have serious pain issues and this just looks like something that might benefit folks, no financial strings, heck I spent about $150 of my own money but got $60 back, the others are for friends of mine who need the help and for my own bottle. So far, I can't honestly say I've had a pain to try it on. Arrie says there is no limitation on the shelf life or storage so I figure it wouldn't hurt to have a bottle around just in case.

I have to say, Arrie promotes it ONLY as a topical solution for external use only, but since its basically an herbal/spice formulation I decided to taste tastes like jalapeno juice!!! I had asked on the phone when we first talked if it might be based on cayenne pepper and he said only a bit. Some report a burning sensation when you rub it in too hard, but not anything really unpleasant.

Some of us figured it used DMSO (di methyl sulf oxide) since it would have to penetrate the skin very rapidly to transport the P depletion materials. That is not the case. Arrie said he was retired Air Force and had very painful arthritis which is what caused him to work on it for a couple of years until he got something that worked and that was all natural.

They do have a website where you can order a sample for $5 or a bottle to test for yourself. Please note, Arrie lives in Dallas and is not a big company, he has applied for a patent and because it is basically herbal, there are no FDA restrictions, we of course warned him and asked that his formula be duplicated many times with friends so that it would not be lost if anything weird happens. Sharon, I think she was his daughter told me they had taken certain precautions and were aware he would be up against the establishment.

A point, Arrie said this depletion of the P receptor that his formula does in 3 minutes or less can be done by doctors but for that amount of depletion it takes them 2 months. He mentioned a Dr. Kruger who I tried to look up but could not find. Just curious about the P receptor depletion thing.

Our main fear was that it might kill the tissue, but Arrie says they have never had a negative reaction and that the stuff actually reduces inflamed tissue to allow healing. He said they estimate over 60,000 applications and not one negative response.

Check out the testimonials and maybe get a $5 sample from their website at;

Possible Asthma Remedy

One final thing that really isn't relevant to the pain control formula above, a Mexican grandmother called me up from Brownsville, she said she was kind of a local healer and was saying thanks for the paper on the Kombucha mushroom, said the tea helped a lot of different ailments and she wanted to know if you could drink TOO MUCH of it. I honestly didn't know and said all I had was the information my neighbor had provided when I first saw her Kombucha mushroom.

Anyway, in our very pleasant chat, she said she had found a folk remedy for asthma...said a little boy could barely breathe when he had these attacks and had to use the asthma respirator way too often....someone had told her you could make a tea out of Oregano and RUE, basically boil a small pot of hot water, put in an equal amount of oregano and rue, she said all it took was a pinch of each to a cup, then drink it...she said the little boy coughed up phlegm for about three days and after that, he had no trace of asthma.

Now, I don't know if there is anything to this, just something the woman wanted to impart. She said it worked for any lung congestion and would cause the body to cough up the irritants and purge the lungs.

If you try any of this, I'd appreciate any positive or negative reports you might experience. I'm not recommending anything or giving any medical advice here, just posting some interesting information that you might like to know. If you have any medical problems, please see a qualified and licensed medical practitioner. You get the drift...