Jacobson Resonator - 01/08/98

Many months ago, someone sent in info about a pain control and healing device called a 'Jacobson Resonator'. I thought I posted a URL leading to a report on it.

On 01/07/98, the TV show Strange Universe broadcast a segment about Dr. Jacobson, saying he was a dentist who had been working on a machine for the last 20 years. Everyone thought he was a bit unbalanced in his claims during this time. As he continued to develop and test the machine on various volunteers, the evidence mounted that his machine did wonders for not only relieving pain but also for curing some ailments.

Strange Universe showed a video clip of the machine. It looks like a Lakhovsky Multiwave because it uses two vertical opposed large black flat disks, about 14" to 18" in diameter. The disks are spaced apart by a distance of about 15" and each are mounted on a U-shaped beam that is mounted to the flexible arm. The arm is the same kind used for those circular fluorescent lamps with the lens that you use for detailed bench work.

There were three machines on a table that fed these two disks. One looked like a frequency generator, the other looked like a variable power supply and the third I could not ascertain the nature of.

The report said the device used 'isotropic magnetic fields' which projected a 'weak EM in patients to alter their cellular energy balance'. Another very brief section said the device used 'a fluctuating magnetic field of nano-Tesla intensities'.

Dr. Jacobson is now working with a Dr. William Yamanashi of the University of Oklahoma. With Dr. Yamanashi's assistance, several technical papers have been written and published which has drawn serious attention to the device. As a result, many clinics are now testing the Jacobson Resonator and getting fabulous claims of its efficacy from patients treated with it.

I did a websearch looking for references to Jacobson/magnetics/resonator and came up with two hits. They are included in this document.

Useful for Neuro and Chronic Pains

The following items are from the May issue of Support & Sharing, a bimonthly newsletter of the San Mateo County (CA) Multiple Sclerosis support group.

Jacobson Resonator - This device, which uses low level electromagnetic fields to treat neurological disorders and chronic pain, will be tested in a 6-month clinical trial. It is being developed by Mississippi Enterprise for Technology Inc., located at the Stennis Space Center. Trial patients will be recruited mainly from VA hospitals in Mississippi. Electro- magnetic fields have been used to treat MS in Greece and China.

Treatment of MS, Parkinson and other Neuro disorders

Date sent: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 22:37:23 -0500

Pioneer Services Begins First Human Studies Using Jacobson Resonator For Treatment of MS, Parkinson's and Pain Remediation

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., Jan. 20 /PRNewswire/ via Individual Inc. -- Pioneer Services International Ltd. (OTC Bulletin Board: PSVC) announced today that it plans to commence the world's first human clinical trials using its Jacobson Resonator technology.

Upon completion of the first Jacobson Resonator prototype at Stennis Space Center, Dr. George Ellis, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Mississippi, has agreed to set up and oversee the first human studies testing Jacobson's technology which is based on the healing effects of low level electromagnetic fields.

"I'm truly excited about the potential of this technology in treating nervous system disorders and am looking forward to analyzing and reporting the results upon completion of the study which should be in about six months," stated Dr. Ellis.

"Our goal for the initial studies will be to prove the efficacy of the application of low level electromagnetic fields for the treatment of MS, Parkinson's and pain remediation," said Dr. Jerry Jacobson, President of Pioneer and inventor of the technology.

According to Dr. Jacobson, "Patients for the studies will be recruited from VA Hospital's in Mississippi as well as the general public who meet the studies' requirements."

Pioneer, a biotech company, is currently developing machines that will use electromagnetic fields to treat various diseases; including Central Nervous System Disorders, Cancer, and AIDS. These machines are being developed using Dr. Jacobson's patented formula known as Jacobson's Resonance.

For over eight years various people have been successfully treated for Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, and Cancer in Greece and China with electromagnetic fields. SOURCE Pioneer Services International Ltd.

CONTACT: Margie Adelman for Pioneer Services International Ltd., 561-998-4888/ (PSVC)
CO: Pioneer Services International Ltd. ST: Florida IN: MTC SU: PDT AK-SR

Jacobson Resonator & Volunteer Studies

No one knows whether the space-age-looking devices will work, but doctors at West Boca Medical Center soon will begin animal and human studies of a machine developed to ease chronic pain.

The inventor hopes the device will cure everything from cancer to AIDS, and several physicians and scientists around the country are willing to give it a try.

The devices -- a pair of discs that look like satellite dishes, one made up of coils enclosed in carpeted walls -- are designed to introduce a weak electromagnetic field into the body. The waves, inventor Jerry Jacobson said, will align cells and genes that have gotten out of synch.

''Life is the most ordered entity that exists in the universe,'' Jacobson said in explaining his theory that the AIDS virus and other ailments can be obliterated by vibrations that prevent the virus from attacking cells.

The retired Jupiter dentist said he spent 18 years developing the Jacobson Resonator. Prototypes were built by the Lockheed Martin Prototyping Laboratory at John C. Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

To finance his effort, Jacobson last year founded Pioneer Services of Deerfield Beach, a public firm trading on the over-the-counter stock market. Share prices have ranged from 371/2 cents to $2.50.

Jacobson was overflowing with enthusiasm Wednesday during the opening of his first testing site, in an office building next to the hospital. The Department of Applied Medical Physics will be overseen by Dr. Roger Gorman, an anesthesiologist and pain-management specialist at the hospital.

The effort is being backed in part by Dr. Daniel Schuman, an ear, nose and throat specialist from western Boca Raton, and a research institute he founded several years ago.

''All we are doing with this device is taking different forms of energy and determining what effects they have on the human body,'' said Schuman, who has taught his medical techniques to doctors around the world.

Gorman will test the resonator on mice to determine what effects the magnetic waves have on brain and nerve tissue and certain organs. Then he will move on to humans with chronic pain for whom conventional techniques have not worked.

Researchers elsewhere expressed the same curiosity about Jacobson's device.

''We're writing the protocols now to determine if the weak magnetic fields produced by the device can regenerate nerves in rats,'' said Brij Saxena, a professor of endocrinology at Cornell University Medical College in New York.

At the University of Oklahoma, Professor William Yamanashi, an expert in electromagnetic fields, plans to study the invention's effects on epilepsy. And at the University of Florida, scientists are considering a similar study.

''We would like to see for ourselves if anything is there,'' UF bioengineering professor Leon Iasemidis said.

Gorman said patients who suffer from chronic pain and have not been helped by other methods can ask to be candidates for upcoming studies. Those who are interested should call 561-477-8020.

Jerry Jacobsen patents

Vanguard Sciences Comments

The Jacobson Resonator is such an interesting approach, using a combination of pulsed microcurrents, possibly oppositely polarized magnetic fields to bombard different parts of the body. It also has aspects of the RIFE machine.

At this time, I have no information on whether or not frequencies are involved, but I think they are because there is a frequency generator in the Strange Universe video clip. It would make sense that different disease or neurological conditions would require different frequencies.

From the video clip of the device, the two disks are very flat, indicating they are wound flat antenna coils, possibly like the Tesla patent for non- capacitive, non-inductive coil windings that are claimed to have unusual attributes.

In the Lakhovsky MWO device, there have been arguments over the years of just how the unit is constructed. Originally, Lakhovsky used hollow nested metal tubes that were suspended by non-conductive threads. The tubes were bent in a circle with an opening between the ends. There were several tubes of successively smaller diameters and arranged so that they fit within the next larger tube, but never touched. The openings on the end of each successive tube was 180 degrees apart from the outside and inside tube.

The idea was the tubes would be excited by a spark gap Tesla coil to provide a high voltage electrostatic charge to the inside tube. The power level was to be high enough that each tube would glow with a blue corona but not enough to spark between them. This electrostatic energy would thus vibrate across many frequencies producing a complex field of modulated electrostatic frequencies.

The subject was to sit between these two vertical coils to allow saturation of the body with the vibrating electrostatic fields. Lakhovsky claimed the cells would absorb the energy needed to heal themselves.

Amazingly like the Jacobsen Resonator.

Short file on Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator