Secret Commonwealth - the URL - 11/24/97
courtesy of Mark Bennett

the DMT drug to induce ELF hallucinations

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 21:50:18 -0500
From: Gene Ariani
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: Secret CommonWealth

Hi Jerry;

Interesting article: "Secret Commonwealth".

Are you familiar with DMT (N,N-diemethyltryptamine)?

This Chemical which mainly exists in our spinal fluid and is greatly produced during the dream state. As of its function, we do not know yet exactly.

Anyway, DMT is an extremely short acting hallucinogen. Acting between 2-5 minutes with entire after effect gone in 15 minutes.

What is so fascinating is there is a common hallucination under DMT: "ELVES".

Many users have reported (from different parts of the world and cultures) of encountering these little people under DMT. The user is thrown into this hyperspace where the elves live. The elves apparently are extremely intelligent and have great knowledge of the Universe and its workings.

You can search the net for Elves and DMT terms and come up with a lot of articles.

Another fascinating point was when few months ago I was on an expedition in Jungles of Peru (I know how this sentence sounded but its true).

I met a local shaman in the Jungle and asked him how he or his ancestors have collected the knowledge of the plants and their workings. The Shaman told me when they take their sacred drink "Ayahausca" (pronounced ayawasca") the little spirits appears to them to teach them what they need to know.

Interesting enough the Ayahausca contains DMT as its main ingredients.

Just another thought - Gene

DMT, its MAO inhibitor and the Origin of Flying Carpets

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 11:15:47 -0500
From: Gene Ariani
To: Jerry
Subject: Re: Secret CommonWealth

Dear Jerry;

I am sure you are familiar with Physicist: Fred Alan Wolf, author of such books as Parallel Universes and Taking the Quantum Leap. I wonder if you have ever read a book by him titled: The Eagles Quest: A Physicist Finds Scientific Truth at the Heart of the Shamanic World?

In this book, Wolf recounts his experiences with Ayahuasca (the DMT containing drink). After the experience he has under, he begins a long journey in the spiritual quest with a scientific background. His encounters with Druid Shamans, Amazonian Shamans, etc.. is truly fascinating.

Especially the parts that related to the vibration quality of Shamanic work (Druids in particular).

I just typed a paragraph from the Chapter Shamanic Healing of the book:

"I drank the mixture quickly and found it much more bitter than any in my previous three experiences. The cup contained probably less than four ounces. ....... I sat down and waited. After everyone had drunk, Don Solon (the Shaman) stretched and began to chant the Icaro (the scared song) very softly and slowly. I could hardly hear him, at first. Then I noticed the vibration. The whole room, a good thirty by forty feet in area, resting on block cylinders of wood to keep the hut off the jungle ground, was shaking. I wondered whether we were experiencing an earthquake...... Somehow the song of Don Solon was connected with the vibration. I began to suspect that Don Solon was perpetrator of this dance of the room. I watched him as carefully as I could. There was a kerosene lamp glowing, and I could see his whole body seated in the chair, nothing was moving. I looked over to Jorge. He was decked out in a hammock. No one else was moving.

I turned to Ted. "What is this vibration?"

Ted said, "He is causing it"

Later I began to suspect that somehow Don Solon had discovered a resonance condition and that even small nearly undetectable body movements, if at the right frequency would set the room dancing."

One last thing on this DMT. DMT is orally inactive and requires an MAO inhibitor to work.

Basically Ayahuasca is a mixture of DMT and naturally occurring MAO inhibitor. The statistic of how the Shamans in Jungle have found the exact plant combination (which are inactive without each other orally) among millions of jungle plants is astonishing.

Now the fascinating part is, thousands of miles away, Sufis in Iran also have a similar drink. Again a local plant containing DMT is mixed with a plant containing MAO inhibitor.

The Sufis would drink the potion and then would sit on a Persian carpet with the pattern woven specially to their own specifications (mandalas).

They would then concentrate on the patterns of the carpets (these patterns are said to be gateways to the parallel worlds). After a while the Sufi's mind world enter other worlds.

Hence the legend of the flying carpets. I have no idea how two so remote cultures can possibly come up with a combination such as this on their own. Take care - Gene