How DHEA was saved!
A great approach to government shenanigans!

From an email; today I discovered how DHEA was made available to everyone in your country. I found the answer in a book called:

DHEA: Unlocking the Secrets to the Fountain of Youth
by Beth M. Ley,
BL Publications,
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Tel: (714) 452 0371 or 1800 345 0096.

On page 155 is a copy of an open letter written to the FDA Commissioner by Dr. Steven Fowkes, Executive Director of CERI (Cognitive Enhancement Research, Institute). It reads as follows:

Dr. David Kessler
Office of the Commissioner
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

11 July 1995

An open letter to Commissioner Kessler:

It has come to my attention that "pressure from the FDA"
is behind the proposed reclassification of DHEA
(dehydroepiandrosterone) as an anabolic steroid with Schedule
III status by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).
At least that is what DEA officials are saying.

I am writing to you because that action on the part of your
agency is not only an end run around the specific 'wording of
the newly passed Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act
(DSH&EA) it may be a violation of your oath of office as
Commissioner of the FDA.

At this time, I don't know whether this alleged "pressure" is
real, or the DEA is merely using your agency as an excuse to do
something that they cannot legally and scientifically justify
on their own.

However, it is quite clear to me from my research into DHEA
that DHEA is not a "testosterone-like" compound, nor does it
have "anabolic activity."

Somebody is playing fast and loose with the scientific
information about DHEA, and thought you should know -
personally - that your agency is one of the candidates.

Should a subsequent Congressional investigation uncover
testimony that FDA employees were in fact behind this
reclassification of DHEA, I want you to accept personal
responsibility for your agency's purposeful violation of the
Congressional intent behind the DSH&EA.

It is my opinion that the DSH&AE was intended to cover DHEA
as a "dietary substance" with all the statutory projections
from overzealous attempts by your agency to restrict them to
drug-only status.

Certainly the language of the act specifically covers
cholesterol, pregnenolone and DHEA as dietary substances
and pregnenolone and DHEA as "metabolites" of cholesterol.

The law would not be more clear. Using the steroid-analogues
act to contravene the DSH&EA is underhanded, fallacious, and

Furthermore, if you are personally involved in that campaign,
you have violated your oath of office to defend the Constitution
and laws of the United States.

You and your agency are charged with the responsibility to carry
out Congressional legislation, not subvert it. The DSH&EA requires
you to secure an open hearing under the auspices of the Department
of Health and Human Services (DHHS) before you can remove any
dietary ingredient from over-the-counter status.

This notification is intended to offer you an opportunity to
"clean house" before such time as Congress does it for you.

Copies of this letter will be forwarded to appropriate
Congressional staff charged with oversight and funding of your
agency. I trust that you will forward a copy of this to your
legal department, and take appropriate actions to speedily
remedy this bureaucratic boondoggle.

Should I become aware that your agency has used this
reclassification to take actions to remove DHEA from the US
dietary supplement market without the requisite HHS hearing,
I will see that your complicity is brought to the attention
of the court with jurisdiction over the matter.


Steven Wm. Fowkes, Executive Director