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Thanks to Lee Crock for sharing this introductory information.

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Lee Crock died in March 2010.

I recieved an email from one of his daughters
saying the family would close the clinic.
All of their websites no longer function.

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I received a fascinating phone call from Mr. Lee Crock this afternoon and decided to post what we talked about, which I had jotted down during the call.

What is most amazing is that Lee has an explanation about what he is doing and how he believes it to work. He has incorporated this into a machine.

Lee says although he is a '1924 model' he expects to be around a lot longer, doing what good he can with his discovery from three years ago.

His healing system stems from Reiki massage therapy which partially relies on the production of heat in the hands to heal the body.

The treatment takes from 3-5 days and is given at his Therapeutic Academy in Caldwell, Ohio. They have 10 beds and, give treatments around the clock and for those too ill to care for themselves, they request that you bring a friend or helper.

Lee says a counter clockwise (CCW) motion is positive, discharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within about 14 minutes.

Whereas, clockwise (CW) is negative and refills the cells with energy.

The principle Lee describes as like emptying a bucket, filling it back up and emptying it again, over and over with the idea being to flush out any toxins.

He says an easy demonstration is to hold your hands flat against or close to the ailing organ or body of a subject, and move the palms of your hands in a CCW motion until you begin to feel a heating effect. Once it achieves the maximum heat, you lay your hands on the area being treated, and let them cool down.

A CW motion will recharge the cellular energy and after about 30 hours of this CCW, then CW treatment, repeated over this 30 hour period, the subject improves.

By using a relay of 4 or more people, doing this without the machine, you can continually flush and recharge the damaged cells continually over 24 hours for 3-5 days or as needed.

The machine Lee has developed apparently produces this same alternate CCW and CW motion without the need of a human operator to produce the same flushing and recharging effect.

One of the side effects is excess urination which Lee says is due to the body discharging the toxins that are being released as the tissues are being flushed with this very simple method.

Lee says he and his volunteers have worked with 10,000 people over a 3 year period with excellent success rates, with these people coming from 10 foreign countries and all 50 states.

He has been called into court, changed his Therapeutic Clinic to Therapeutic Academy and never claims to be able to heal or cure anything or anyone. He simply assists the body to heal itself by flushing out the toxins that cause the problems.

Lee says his electronic device has one wire leading from it which is connected to a screen that is usually sealed in a pillow. The pillow can then simply be laid on the suspect organ and the bigger the screen, the more area is affected.

Lee says the CCW motion is like building a coil and since coils attract electricity, this energy coil will pull the electricity out of the cells which will carry the toxins with them.

He says the proof of it is the production of heat in the palms of the hand which can be felt with or without the machine and a less subjective proof is that the subject urinates often when being subjected to this bio-heating and cooling effect.

Sounds to me like a version of iontophoresis, where charged ions can be used to introduce or remove elements or chemicals to or from the cells. Once these cellular contaminants are in the blood stream, they are detected as invaders or excesses and removed as waste, most easily via urination.

And yes, he has treated himself with the machine for months where he used a 4 foot by 8 foot wire mesh screen placed between the mattress and box spring of his bed, with his machine feeding this mesh screen so he would be treated while he sleeps.

He reports during this process, he would have to go to the bathroom 4-5 times a night and had to discontinue it because it was causing him to dehydrate since his body was flushing out all toxins. He also says after discontinuing this nightly treatment, he still has to go to the bathroom often to urinate but the effect is going away over time.

I take this comment as a great warning to not OVERUSE this technique, use it when you need it. Many would never have mentioned this for fear it might scare people away from the entire claim, and to my view that is a sign of Lee Crock's sincerity and integrity. Also that he provides a background fot the basic effect, that he charges NOTHING for his treatments and is just there to help whoever he can. Look around and see how rare this is these days.

Lee has an 'Aura Therapy' book that he does not sell, but gives away freely. He is generous to a fault and charges nothing for people to come to his academy to stay in one of the 10 beds for as long as necessary to get them better. He says to give him a call so he can find you an open slot in their schedule.

I asked if he was setup as a non-profit and he said yes, so they are in a position to accept donations, bequests, etc.. His call impressed me that Lee didn't seem the least concerned with selling anything but his main concern is helping as many people as he can while he is here, another excellent sign of character.

He reports amazing results with Altzheimers' because his system flushes aluminum from the tissue as well as arthritis and rheumatism which resolves as the excess calcium crystals are flushed. He says you can get a sample of the urine of the arthritic person and you will see tiny brown calcium crystals in the sample.

The treatment involves one of the screen embedded pillows which is laid over the person with the machine attached.

I asked him about muscular dystrophy and other such illnesses, he says they are nerve disorders and it depends on the degree of decay though it couldn't hurt. Also, since Lee has a great sense of humor I asked him if it helped hair growth or would act like electronic Viagra.

He said no, he didn't think it would help restore hair and he didn't know what Viagra was, I explained it and he said well, most of that is in the mind anyway, so he didn't think it would help..(g)..

One of the other discoveries is that you can have several people touch the pillow while the machine is on and the effect is greatly increased, as if the machine, producing its alternating CCW and CW fields milks the healing energy from the people participating, which greatly intensifies the healing effect.

This is very similar to the claims of the Eeman screens where two wire mesh screens are laid next to each other and offset on the floor to be connected with one wire at the top and one wire at the bottom. A healthy person lays on one mesh screen and a sick person lays on the other mesh screen opposite each other, so that the feet are on the end of each screen. The idea is that a bio electric current will flow between the two and a form of empathic trans-sympathetic healing is induced.

Lee has a lot of great stories, one of them had to do with a woman who had lung cancer and was given up to death. In the hospital she was in an oxygen tent to assist her breathing. Since she was known to be a very religious woman, they thought about ways to smuggle the machine into the hospital to help her.

So they put the device in a suitcase and wrote 'anointing oils' on it, then took the pillow and the suitcase in. The pillow was placed on the womans chest and the single wire connected to the machine. The helpers all placed their hands on the pillow and put on a show when the nurse or doctors came in. They went back every day and treated the woman for 2 hours at a time, within 3 days, she was taken off the oxygen tent, within 5 days released to go home. The cancer had 'disappeared' and was written off as a miracle due to spontaneous healing.

He has another great story about a priest who had been unknowingly using this healing technique by placing his right hand on the left shoulder of the faithful until he felt a heat, usually after about 6 minutes. He attributed this heat production to his faith and considered himself one of a gifted few.

The priest told him there were probably a total of 13 people in the world with this 'gift'. Lee told him that 6 of these people were with them today at the academy and if he'd give him a couple of hours, he'd call up the other 7. He then did a demonstration and showed the priest what was really happening and how to speed it up with the CCW motions so he could do more people instead of just waiting for the flow to happen.

Lee Crock is a phenomenon waiting to happen.

Additional information as of 03/11/00

8107 Interact discussion email

Went through the patent application, very interesting. He is putting the subject into a capacitive circuit where the subject takes on the role of the dielectric. Basically, the subject lies on a conductive plate or mat connected to one polarity of a DC current source and has the other polarity connected the the moveable wire screen that he puts inside a pillow. On 7 and 8, the patent says;

"The electrical system of one's body can be modified by stimulating the healing process using the apparatus as shown in figures 1A and 1B. The present invention is comprised of two low voltage direct current sources, having opposite polarities, the current direction being controlled by a polarity switch. A conductive wire mesh electrode is placed within a distance of 2 to 12 inches above the area to be treated.

The apparatus performs by alternately charging and discharging the cells over periods of time from 1 to 12 hours. The static charge is removed by an electric discharge that resulted from the accumulation of electric charge on an insulated body. The accumulated charge manifests itself in ones aura. The healing of a malfunctioning area can be stimulated by a plurality of polarity reversals in a therapeutic application.

In a typical therapeutic session, the patient lies upon the conductive treatment surface (plates 60 and 65). The conductive mesh electrode (50) is placed over the area to be treated, at a distance preferably ranging from 2 to 12 inches. The polarity switch 40 is maintained in the uppermost position for an elapsed period of approximately 15 minutes.

During this interval the wire mesh 50 is connected to a negative direct current source, having low potential. At the end of 15 minutes, the switch 40 is toggled to its lower position, connecting a positive direct current source, having a low potential to the wire mesh electrode 60, again for a period of about 15 minutes.

The reversal sequence is repeated several times until the therapeutic session is completed. The therapy, using the apparatus of the present invention, finds usefulness in soft tissue therapy; however, it does not prove effective in the treatment of skeletal formations. In the preferred embodiment, the voltage sources 20 and 30 are 10 'D' cell batteries, all connected in parallel.

The voltage can range from the preferred 1.5VDC to about 3/4 of a volt (.75). Treatment times can range from as little as one and 1/4 hour to as much as 12 hours of 6 hours per session.

Note : As of April 2000, Lee kindly sent a unit to be tested and it was noted on inspection of the unit that the batteries are NOT connected as 10 in parallel, but are 5 sets of TWO 'D' cell batteries connected in series to give 3 volts per pair, and all of these are hooked in parallel. The following diagram has been changed to reflect this reality. Additionally, a single hook projects from the box to which one or more wirescreens are connected. This hook provides either negative or positive polarity from the 15 minute timer relay.

8108 Interact discussion email

Quite an interesting device.

So we have a lipid oil film on the surface of cells which acts as a dielectric to hold charge on and in cells. He does refer to an 'static' charge on cells which are discharged when the polarity alters the dielectric of the body to allow the breakdown. Cells are like tuned capacitors and inductors (with DNA as the coil) as per Lakhovsky and others who pioneered 'electronic medicine'.

Charged Ions can carry elements into and out of the cells depending on polarity of the cell and the ambient medium. I believe somewhere I have read that cancer cells are electro positive with respect to surrounding tissue.

A capacitor consists of two conductive surfaces separated by a dielectric that has high resistance. The two mesh screens serve as the capacitor plates, the body of the subject serves as the dielectric. A positive current flowing from one electrode through the body into the other electrode should cause the ions in the cells to migrate and carry out any excess of elements or toxins. By changing the polarity, so that a negative current now flows, the polarity of the tissues should reverse and ions would be absorbed into the cells.

Lee says this system works by emptying and refilling the tissues, like a bucket full of mud, that is filled and emptied over and over with clean water, until all the mud is gone and the bucket is clean. The ions would carry the toxins out of the cells where they would be caught up in the blood stream, intercepted by phages and probably stored in the lymph system to be excreted during urination or other waste removal.

When the polarity of the body is reversed, the cells would now accept ions to add electrical energy, hopefully carrying in nutrients and other material beneficial to the body. By repeating this process, over and over, IF it works as he says and this basic description/analogy is correct, then I think he is onto something very basic that appears to be fundamental to health in general. I'd think that drinking pure water would help in purging the system as he did comment on dehydration as a possibility if you overuse it.

Lee can be reached at 740-783-0021 or EMAIL LEE CROCK
or please visit Lee Crocks' webpage.

Lee got a patent on January 18th, 2000 which he has promised to send and we will scan it in and post. This document will be updated with additional information as it is received.


Terry Bastian courteously shared
this Jan. 18th, 2000 patent issued to Lee Crock.

NOTE: the patent shows dual polarity however, in the machine he sells, he uses a single wire hook that allows connection of several wirescreens, all being fed with the single polarity for 15 minutes, then switched to the opposite for 15 minutes

Update as of 04/18/00

Lee kindly sent one of his machines that could be tested on some friends so we could report back to everyone. I also have mine that is almost ready so that another friend can try it.

The machine is constructed of wood and varnished. It has an off the shelf timer, like an Omron with thumbwheel selections. It must be set on REPEAT and 15 minutes to switch the polarity of the mesh screens which are sewn in with sheet type white fabric.

This particular unit would only hold 9 batteries but they are connected to four copper strips, two in the top and two in the bottom, so that the total voltage for two sets of series batteries, now hooked in parallel would be 1.5 + 1.5 = 3VDC with all the batteries connected.

I unscrewed the wooden cover and inserted the 9 D cell batteries and tested at 3.2VDC on the terminals once the cover was screwed back on. The timer is powered from an AC adapter to keep from draining the batteries and I set it on REPEAT for 1 second to verify the two terminals were switching (the relay makes a distinct click sound). The device has a single hook to which one or more wirescreens are connected and which provides either negative or positive polarity with the cells serving as the opposite polarity.

Brought this to the lady who is testing it and instructed her in its operation so there will be no mystery, at least as little as possible and she is ecstatic and wants to thank Lee for letting her try it. Lee wrote a note saying this machine could 'treat' up to 5 people. He also says to get an 8 foot screen mesh and put it under the mattress pad, tape it down with duct tape and the wire so it won't move during sleep, that way, you can be exposed to the field all night and give you time during the day to recover.

The box came with a large wire mesh screen in a white cover with a single wire that connected to the one terminal ring connector on the machine. This large one was about 4 feet wide by 5 feet long as far as I could tell. The smaller pillow version was about 1 foot by 2 foot also with its own cable.

The instructions for use says it is 3VDC and that a 110VAC outlet is needed to provide power for the AC adapter to run the timer.

"You place the signal pads over the area to be treated on the body. One pad on the front and one pad on the back. (Note: in the machines he sells, both wirescreens are connected to the single hook on the machine so that both wirescreens emit the same polarity current for 15 minutes until switched to the alternate polarity) For you radiate your electric out in all directions from your body and your electric must make contact witht he signal pads to pick up the signals.

As long as the pads are within 4 inches of your body, your Aura, which is the electric field of your body, will make contact with the pads. So you don't need to remove any clothes or blankets to be treated.

If treating the head, place the bonnet on the head. If treating the arms or the legs, wrap a pad around those places and secure them to that they will not move around when the patient moves."

Borderlands EEMAN screens

Relaxation Screens, sometimes called biocircuits or Eeman screens, were discovered by Leon Ernest Eeman in the early 1920s. After serious injuries in a plane crash, Eeman was deemed 100 percent disabled. While hospitalized he recalled Jesus' admonition "Heal the sick by the laying on of hands." Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself. Within two years after his release from the hospital he developed techniques using these screens that "restored him to better health than he had ever known."

These screens are passive devices that facilitate the flow of subtle bodily energy. A scientific, double blind study, that measured muscle tension and skin conductance as well as monitored EEG, found these screens to be superior for producing relaxation.

Update on 04/04/01

I had a little chat with Lee Crocks grandson Justin tonight. He updated me on the closing of Lee's clinic by court order, the refusal to allow him to use the term 'academy' and the 'seizure' of the website registered to Lee Crock.

Justin says the court also seized as evidence the documents from people who had provided a description of their improvements using the patented energy stimulator which you can study at;

Energy Stimulator Patent

Patent Number : 6,016,450
Leander Crock - (515 West St., Caldwell, OH 43724)
Date Granted : January 18, 2000

'How to use it' - from the old defunct website at

You will take a length of screen wire 8 feet long and tuck it 6 inches under the head of your mattress and 6 inches under the foot of the mattress and hook it up to the Energy Stimulator by the single electric wire.

Put all your sheets and blankets on top of the screen wire. You will also need a small piece of screen that is also connected to the Stimulator and place that on your area of ailment.

To use the pads just lay your hands overtop of the pad and it will jumpstart the cells that you cover with the screen.

While you sleep in your bed the stimulator will create energy and your body will respond to the stimulation. You will notice a change in the amount of energy you have and will not need as much rest.

You will need more to drink. Your water pump will need to get rid of a lot more water. Alas, you will go to the bathroom more often because of it.

The Energy Stimulator is a little black plastic box measuring 8" x 8" x 4" It has a printed circuit board and a battery inside. The circuit board will last forever and the battery should be changed once a year because the average battery has a 1-year shelf life.

...The Energy Stimulator has the capacity to stimulate 5 people at the same time. So one stimulator will cover a whole house. Just run a wire to the rooms in which you will be using it.

Look into how much money you have put into buying drugs from cold tablets to things to help you stop smoking. The residue from those drugs will be in your system for the rest of your life if it's not cleared. Just think, you pay for this?

The Energy Stimulator is the only thing that will remove the residue and toxic waste from your body. It is the first thing you will ever own that helps restore the body, not tear it down.

Updated 03/05/03

I would like to report three anecdotes from the use of Crock type machines.

A lady friend of mine had rectal cancer which caused her great pain and dependence on heavy doses of drugs for painkillers. She of course suffered pain from sitting and movement in general and I saw tears or grimaces of pain from doing the simplest of tasks. The lady is a dear friend and so I told her about the Crock machine, she met Lee and his wife and Lee gave me one of the machines which I loaned to the lady. The loan was back in 2001 and I recently received an email from my friend saying she had had an operation and had been using the machine, that it helped her and now she is cancer and pain free. I have not seen any lab tests since she is in the states, but she assures me she is delighted with the results.

Comments : Lee says normally it takes 3-5 days of use of the machine with some hands on at his university setting. That various illnesses will cause many urinations during the night, initially with dark, smelly urine which, with use of the machine to assist the body to flush out toxins, will produce a clear urine with little or no smell. This is an indication of the successful removal of the toxins. Lee indicates a worse case situation might require 10 days of 24 hour exposure to the machine, difficult to do with the activities of normal life.

A lady friend here in Chapala, Mexico, winters here with her husband. Her son of about 34 years of age has sardoitis cancer, which is generally thought to be incurable. She was very concerned about him and last year flew him here for a week to try various methods such as acupuncture, chi-gung and other techniques which might help him. I told her about the machine and let him use it the last 3 days of his stay. He said he could feel something, like the hot/cold or a tingle from the wire screen. The first person I have met who claimed to feel something from the pads other than Lee.

When he flew back, his mother said she could not afford one of the machines but she and her son felt it was helping, that he had been tested to see if there were any changes and the doctors reported the cancer was 'melting' (as in healing).

Without either of them having any electronic skills, but knowing I had worked in the electronics field for some 25 years, she asked if I would build my version of the machine and mail it to her son in Connecticut.

She left the area a few months later to return home where I had earlier mailed the machine to her son as requested. Recently, a friend saw her back here for the winter and she told him her son had been using the machine I made for him and his most recent MRI showed NO TRACE of the sarcoiditis cancer. She and her son are hoping this is a true cure and he is having a biopsy to verify it. I have since spoken to her on several occasions and she says its true, the cancer is gone.

Comments : I have no proof of this, only the testimony of the mother and son, it is an anecdote. When her son was here I asked if there might be causes for this condition such as environmental, etc.. He did say he lived in an apartment building with some kind of transmitter dishes on the roof above his top floor apartment. I suggested he consider moving as he seemed to be electrically sensitive. He said that would be difficult. I asked the lady if he had moved that might be a factor in this 'spontaneous remission' (as doctors call it) and she said NO, he still lived in the same apartment.

In my own personal case, I worked around chemicals for some 25 years which I think caused my spleen to become enlarged, thereby 'eating' my red blood cells to make me weak from lack of oxygen carriers. The normal male red cell count is 12-16, but mine was 7.9 as on my test. My hemotologist and doctor could not understand how I could be walking around with energy that low. No cure for it that wouldn't be worse than living with it, but they gave me massive doses of iron and folic acid, resulting in my red cell count going from 7.9 to 8.1. The best they could do. They said there was nothing they could do.

At the KeelyNet Conference Lee gave me two of his machines, one which I loaned to the lady above and the other which I took home to use, figuring what could it hurt to try it. I hooked it up about a month later to a wirescreen under my mattress pad and the machine under the bed. I forgot all about it but noticed a few days later I would wake up in the night with a lot of energy. Finally after 3 months, I remembered I'd left the machine hooked up all that time. I had another blood test done and now it showed 8.9!

I had NOT taken ANY iron or folic acid since their failed attempt to elevate my red cell count using them. My doctors were amazed and asked what I had been doing. I told them I used this alternative machine and they closed their ears saying they didn't want to hear about it. But I got photocopies of the 8.0 earlier result with all their efforts and the 8.9 using JUST the Crock machine. And that is my experience with the machine.

I have since been using my version of the machine here in Mexico and seem to have more energy than I used to, but I have not had another red cell count done. When I went back to Dallas in October 2002, I went to the same hemotologist and requested another red cell count. I wanted the same people and the same equipment. They said my test MUST be paid with using group insurance, that they no longer took credit cards, cash or upfront payment, only ORGANIZED insurance systems. No way I could bribe them around it, so I had no choice but to skip it on this trip. Such a simple thing, tap the vein, take the test tube of blood, put it on the slide and let the machine count and printout the results. I would love to think they were afraid my blood level would confirm something positive was happening using just this machine. I don't care what they think really, as long as I am improving, I don't care if its leprechauns, aliens or juju magic. The test results earlier had verified my added energy levels and I wanted the next test which I will eventually get here in Mexico and report on.

OK, thats my update on the machine with two anecdotal reports from people I know and my own experience. I have to report another guy wrote me asking if I would build him my version of the machine and so I did, down here in Mexico, so will see if he reports anything beneficial.

You can EMAIL ME if you have questions but do check out Lees' website first to get as much information as you can. You can build one of these yourself with some electronics abilities.

It uses just ONE wire screen with the body being a kind of 'floating ground'. Positive to the screen for 15 minutes, negative to the screen for 15 minutes. Some even switch the wires (alligator clips) by hand using a kitchen timer set for 15 minutes and report positive results. Would be great to buildup a database of conditions the machine seemed to help (ideally verified with orthodox medical tests such as Xray, sonogram, serology, MRI, biopsy, etc..) along with protocols (times, periods, locations on body, etc.) used in each case.

Again, Lee says he wants to help as many people as he can with the time he has left. Having experimented with many interesting devices, especially electronic, this machine doesn't SEEM to do anything electrically but I know the results I seem to have gotten. If I can be of assistance or answer any questions, email me and please report whatever results (good, bad or non-existent) you might have if you try this machine....thanks!

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