Kill Colds & Flu

Alleged Cold Cure using Zinc Gluconate!

You might also check out for what is claimed to be THE cure for the common cold. Though any zinc tablet is supposed to work, Mr. EBY (site owner) says ZINC GLUCONATE tablets, held in the mouth until they dissolve, will reduce cold symptoms and heal it up by as much as 7 days earlier than a normal cold cycle. What I found most interesting was the correlation to Dr. Nordstroms work where platinum electrodes were placed in the body to measure electrical paths. As much as 120mv can be measured from the mouth to the inside of the nose, so the way the zinc helps might be to intensify this flow and electrocute cold-causing microbes. So far, I've not had the obligatory cold symptoms but you can bet I'll try it and report if it works as claimed.

As of last week (12/17), our purchasing agent, Kim Thomas was miserable with runny nose and eyes and coughing from a cold. I told her about the Zinc Gluconate and she bought a bottle at WalMart (about $3). She says she placed one tablet on her tongue as she was driving the 10 minutes back to the lab, and noticed near immediate reduction in the cold symptoms. Another tablet about 30 minutes later and we were all remarking on how her cold symptoms had dissipated. She was amazed and telling everybody about it. So this is the first anecdote which I got to see the results of. A check at a local Minyard food store in the pharmacy section, found a bottle of Zinc Gluconate for about $2.69 which I bought for 'backup'.

Alleged Flu Suppression using HCL tablets

Since I'm on that subject and it 'tis the season, there is a wonderful paper on KeelyNet called HCL.TXT which deals with amazing improvements in many ailments by using dilute hydrochloric acid. When our friend Bob Aldrich of Survivor BBS in LA got this, he and his group found that off-the-shelf HCL tablets (from a health food store) would alleviate FLU symptoms. Since reading Bob's email about this several years ago, I have been using these tablets and not had the flu once in about 4 years now.

You have to be aware of flu-preceding symptoms such as sore throat, tingly skin, runny nose, (also cold-like symptoms). When I suspect it might be about to hit, I take two HCL tablets, drink a glass of water and sleep for about 8 hours. On waking, the symptoms have ALWAYS disappeared. Unfortunately, if you screw around and let it get a foothold by ignoring these symptoms, the HCL tabs won't help in my experience. Understand, I am not prescribing or making any kind of medical recommendation or claims, just recounting what I have experienced.

The tablets I found are called BETAINE w/pepsin and HCL. They come in two forms, the $5 bottle is just raw aspirin like pills that stink and taste awful. The $15 bottle contains capsules that are easy to swallow and dissolve in a few minutes in the stomach. These I find preferable since I can drink the water to dissolve the cap, then go to sleep. I have the same bottle I bought years ago and its still half full. Good investment and I don't give a flip if it is psychosomatic because IT WORKS FOR ME (and several others who have reported back).

Simple Silver Colloid Generator - 12/06/97

Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 13:00:18 -0800
From: Jon Snell
To: Jerry Decker
Subject: Colloidal silver....

Hi Jerry!

Just thought I'd throw this in so that people might be better able to consistently produce a top grade colloid.

I've been experimenting and I'm of the belief that the crystal clear colloidal silver is absolutely the best. To produce this I've placed two controls on my production unit.

The water is brought to a boil in the microwave and promptly removed. The electrodes are then submerged and the power from the battery pack is applied for exactly 30 minutes.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse the jar out with distilled water between batches. Bringing the water to a boil is to ensure uniformity in the water's electrical resistance at the beginning of each batch.

I've discovered that the water cools at roughly the same rate for room temperatures anywhere from 62 F to 78 F.

This makes a very metallic tasting but very clear colloid in the water.

I stopped taking it for about a month and I managed to catch the flu round about week four. Needless to say, I returned to regular use.


How to make Colloidal Silver to kill infections