Dr. Baugh & the Pre-Flood Environment - 03/31/01

Director of the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, Dr. Carl Baugh has invented and patented a 'Hyperbaric Biosphere' chamber to test Biblical claims regarding pre-flood atmosphere and magnetic conditions based on Genesis.

Genesis states that life on earth was created 'perfect' and designed to live forever. It also states that after the fall of man, all elements of which everything is made, were cursed. Genesis then records the gradual degeneration of the whole of creation until the flood of Noah followed by an increasing rate of degeneration as time progressed.

If the dates and years reported use the same standards we do in modern times, then there is an overlapping of pre-flood humans with that of post-flood survivors where the pre-flood humans lived many more years.

The average age of man prior to the flood was approximately 920 years, after the flood, mans lifespan declined by 250 years until the time of Christ when lifespans averaged 70 years. Tests indicate simulation of a pre-flood environment would produce conditions of increased longevity, cellular growth and a change in molecular structures.

Our friend the late David Fasold, discoverer of the Ark of Noah in Turkey provided information which was converted to various files on the KeelyNet BBS. One of these files dealt with the declining ages of the Patriarchs before and after the flood. The following information is extracted from the file NOAHARK1.ASC posted on October 29, 1990.

Here is a list showing the decline in longevity from pre-Flood patriarchs through the post-Flood generation, finally reaching the life expectancy of today. The tradition of longevity in ancient man is recorded by the following historians:













































































Dr. Baugh's experiments with his special hyperbaric biosphere have produced fascinating results that indicate potential methods to heal and/or rejuvenate people today. NASA has even requested Dr. Baugh's research and discoveries to determine their applicability to the space program.

Hyperbaric Biosphere

Experiments carried out in this pre-flood atmospheric chamber have produced amazing evidence supporting the biblical record of the pre-flood world.

Some examples include;

  • extended life span of drosophila fruit flies up to three generations,

  • molecular change of venom in copperhead snakes to a non-toxic state,

  • accelerated growth of piranha fish - from 2" to 16" over a 2.5 years period.

The Hyperbaric Biosphere patent allows for the ability to vary the mix of gases comprising the atmosphere in the chamber as well as to vary the electromagnetic field intensity, frequency and duration.

Number 5,935,516
August 10, 1999

Inventors: Baugh; Carl E. (P.O. Box 309, Glen Rose, TX 76043)
Appl. No.: 910843
Filed: August 13, 1997

The environment in which we live with plants and other animals has changed since biological systems first appeared. The composition of the air we breathe has continued to change. For example, there is reason to believe that the concentration of oxygen found within the air has decreased over time.

The climate, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, snowfall, and the like has also been changing. It is further theorized that other important changes in the environment of the earth over time have been the marked decrease in atmospheric pressure, a decrease in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, changes in the strength and orientation of the earth's magnetic field, and the change in the intensity and characteristics of the light radiation to which we are exposed. Furthermore, sounds of nature such as singing birds have become increasingly difficult to encounter due to a general decrease in the population of songbirds.

Many of the above and other changes are a natural result of the maturing of the earth. Other changes to the earth's environment are caused by purely natural events--volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tidal waves, glaciers, and the like alter the earth itself and the surrounding atmosphere. Other changes to the earth and its atmosphere are due entirely to man.

Pollution, overpopulation, overdevelopment, overutilization of natural resources, fishing, hunting, and farming have all altered our world. As the human population continues to increase, the pace at which these changes occur will inevitably increase.

These changes in the earth and the surrounding environment have had a detrimental impact on plants and animals including man. Certain plants and animals have vanished from the earth, unable to adapt to the changed earth. Many of the remaining varieties of plants and animals have found it difficult to thrive.

The fruits and vegetables of trees and plants have lost taste and nutritional value. Animals, including humans, are increasingly disease stricken, weak, and otherwise unhealthy. Humans seem to have lost their general sense of well being, leading to an increase in depression, suicides, crime, violence, sickness, and other social and physical ailments and have become increasingly lethargic with shortened attention spans.

The increasing physical and mental ailments of humans has led to a constant search for new and improved pharmaceuticals to combat these sicknesses. As one example, scientists are constantly searching the far reaches of the planet for naturally occurring antiviral and antibiotic substances.

Once such naturally occurring substances are discovered, scientists may attempt to synthesize these drugs in a laboratory. While much progress has been made in the field of locating and synthesizing these compounds for use as pharmaceuticals, many ailments currently have no known effective treatment drugs or the causative agents have been able to adapt or modify their own structure to develop a resistance to such treatments.

For example, many cancers and AIDS have been particularly resistant to pharmaceuticals located and/or synthesized using conventional methods in standard environmental conditions. It is believed that the changes in the earth's environment have prevented certain drugs from being created in nature, discovered, and/or synthesized, and has prevented the compounding of certain organic and inorganic elements.

Claims include;

an oxygen supply and control mechanism for supplying oxygen to said chamber and maintaining a predetermined oxygen concentration of 22% to 30% of volume therein;

a carbon dioxide supply and control mechanism for supplying carbon dioxide to said chamber and maintaining a carbon dioxide concentration in the range of 0.1% to 0.3% by volume therein;

14. An apparatus as recited in claim 9, wherein said magnetic field coil is connected to a power generator for generating a controlled electromagnetic pulses at energy levels in the range of 1 to 5 Gauss and at a frequency in the range of approximately 0.5 Hz to approximately 30 Hz.

Dr. Baugh and an unidentified associate handle deadly copperhead snakes used in an experiment to test whether increased oxygen levels, as would be experienced in pre-flood conditions, might alter the physiology of the snakes.

He contends an artificial pre-flood environment could be duplicated with increased oxygen, higher pressure and the use of higher EM fields

Another investigation at the creation evidence museum, the gnarled 'spaghetti-like' formation of copperhead snake venom as seen under the scanning electron microscope before the copperhead snake was 'housed' in a small hyperbaric chamber.

After four weeks in the hyperbaric chamber, venom from the same copperhead snake shows a much less distorted structure (less gnarled) indicating a lowering of the toxicity level. Conditions in the hyperbaric chamber are seeking to provide the type of environment that existed in the time prior to the great flood.

Additional information that might be of use;

It has been estimated by researchers at the University of Illinois that the atmospheric pressures in the earliest beginnings of life on earth, could have been as much as 29.4 pounds per square inch, twice the current sea level pressure (14.7 psi at sea level).

1) oxygen content would have been about 30% instead of the 21% we experience today
2) an open wound could heal overnight under these conditions
3) this atmospheric condition would support human life lasting several hundred years

A related post sent to a discussion list recounts the following unconfirmed information about rejuvenation effects noted by aquanauts living underwater for periods of 30 days or greater.

CJT Enterprises one wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> A friend of mine who worked for the NSA related an experiment that
> was conducted by NASA. Three scientists lived on the floor of the ocean
> for about 1-3 months in a biosphere.
> When they left they were all middle aged with graying hair and low libidos.
> When they returned their hair was clear of gray, their wrinkles had started to
> disappear, and their sex drive was so increased that their wives complaied to
> NASA about it.
> It turns out that certain glands and organs were "reactivated." One in particular
> was the gland that lies over the top of the heart. Blood tests showed unusual
> hormones. Hormones that are normally associated with the growth of young children.
> If you check the Creation Research Center and look up the url for the
> Creation Research Institute you can then find the geologist who
> recreated the atmosphere of the flood in a container. I havent checked
> for his name yet. Been behind on my page and other projects, but I am
> having a pastor friend look into it for me.
> What if we take this knowledge and build a "room" that emulates the
> atmosphere of the Earth before the flood and sleep in it for 8 hours a
> day? What effects might it have? My friend from the NSA said that for
> every day spent in there one year was added onto your life until you
> maxed out at 1000.
> Chris

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