Acupuncture Points - Detect & Treat - 11/01/97

An interesting catalog came in the other day from a company called 'TopicX - the catalog designed by Engineers'.

Though KeelyNet has no business or other relationship with the TopicX company, they have some interesting products, chief among them was one with the following blurb;

The off-the-shelf 'Tobiscope'

On page 32 of their Holiday 1997 catalog

Use the healing secrets of Acupuncture right at home with a device that actually locates your 'Pressure Points' for you.

Relieve pain, stress, headaches, tension and more with a modern appplication of the ancient art of acupuncutre. Get relief without drugs, pills or other medications, and without the high cost of clinical treatments. Don't worry about finding the right spots to treat - the Super Pen does it for you!

The most effective points for treatment, commonly known as 'pressure points', are actually points of low resistance, just beneath the epidermis. The Super Pen locates these points automatically, giving you a green light when you pass over one.

Simply apply the Super Pen's acupuncture tip to these points for maxiumum relief. Included with the Super Pen is a book of treatment areas for common ailments. Use it to get relief from insomnia, asthma, high blood pressure, toothache, neck pain, and more.

TH902 - Super Pen - $79.95

Ordering information for the Tobiscope

I could not find a web address for the company, so will provide their address and ordering info should you wish to get one of these. I plan to order one to experiment with. You could ask for a catalog if you want to see their other products.

Order Line; 1-800-478-4703 (24 hour line)
Customer Service; 1-888-867-4988
9-5 Pacific Monday - Friday

8445 Canoga Avenue
Canoga Park, CA 91304

Device Description

The device shown is shaped as a thin rectangular black pen with a slightly curved tip that is touched to the skin.

As you probably know and to my best understanding, the original device called the Tobiscope was developed in Russia (as described in 'Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain') and is supposed to take advantage of the energy grid in the human body.

Where these grid lines cross, there is a much lower electrical resistance than in surrounding areas. These points can be stimulated with electrical impulses which are believed to transfer energy to weakened organs of the body, thereby helping balance the energy flows and help heal the condition.

Patrick Flanagans' Tobiscope Demonstration

Many years ago, I attended a demonstration in Dallas by Patrick Flanagan. He had a Tobiscope of his own construction and took volunteers from the audience.

He had a printed form showing all the acupuncture points, measured on the hand (acupuncture points have complete duplicate energy maps on the feet, the hands, the ears as well as over the body). This form provided a box to enter the quantified energy level for each organ or system of the body as measured by the Tobiscope.

An audience volunteer was measured at each grid point and the energy value recorded. Flanagan would then have them look at any ceiling fluorescent light for a couple of minutes, without telling them what they were to expect.

He would then measure their energy levels which would be significantly LESS than before looking at the lights. Flanagan had developed an unusual double Fibonacci pattern which he found 'balanced' the acupuncture grids. He did not tell the audience this, so they did not know what to expect.

Flanagan claimed that acupuncture treatments were subject to outside stimuli. His example, a person goes to an acupuncture clinic and takes the needle stimulation. After the treatment, if the points were checked, they would be in balance (at their highest energy level).

If that person leaves the clinic, begins to walk across the street and is nearly hit by an automobile, the resultant stress and anxiety NULLIFIES the acupuncture balance, making the entire treatment useless.

This is of course a radical example and most people would not experience such an event, yet he was, I think, trying to get across the idea that the energy flows will not always remain in balance just because you recently had a 'treatment.'

Each of the volunteers who had been previously measured directly from the audience, then after viewing the fluourescent lights, were given this double Fibonacci pattern in the form of a cast metal coin.

After about one minute, each person was re-measured using the Tobiscope and in every case, the energy level measured was HIGHER than it had been when they first came from the audience. This was the case with every organ and system measured, but only after they held this mystery pattern.

Flanagan was selling these as a medallion and of course I bought one and mounted it on a belt buckle. Most wore it as a pendant or kept it in their pocket.

I must say, it was the most amazing demonstration I had ever seen because you saw a before and after that was remarkable, and without 'preloading' the audience with any idea of what they were EXPECTED to experience or display.

Because of this, I've always been interested in acupuncture, how to measure it and how to keep the body as 'energetically balanced' as possible.

Kinesiology Permutations

One of the permutations I hope will come from this is a wristband that measures the overall energy level of the body. It seems when the body is in the presence of anything, chemical, food, even people, which is harmful to the organism, a general weakening effect occurs.

This weakening shows up as a reduction in muscle tone that is currently best detected using Kinesiology (muscle-testing). A simple process, the subject extends an arm without exposure to any biasing influence. An assistant presses on the wrist or hand, trying to push the arm down. In this way, a determination of strength is made.

When the subject is exposed to a test material, the assistant again measures the arm tension. If the pressure required to push the arm down is less, the arm is pushed down easily, indicating the test material is harmful to the subject. If the pressure required to push the arm down is equal to or greater than it was earlier, this is an indication that the test material is beneficial to the subject.

Dynamic Disease and Stressed Organs

There is a wonderful book called 'From Clocks to Chaos - the Rhythms of Life' written by Leon Glass and Michael C. Mackey. There are indications that organs of the body each have their own rhythm (frequency) and that these organs, when in good health, harmonize with all the other organs that make up an organism.

In the book, the authors refer to 'Dynamic Diseases' which are caused by arrythmias (chaotic variations in the natural organ rythm). By using a shock technique, an organ suffering from such instability, can be re-kindled to restore its natural rhythm, much like what is done with the heart when it is shocked to restore it to beating.

What is so fascinating about this, the HeartMath Institute in California have found that the heart and each organ of the body is highly sensitive to stress experienced in everyday life.

Think of the heart or any organ of the body as having a pure sinewave (which is not the reality) when it is healthy and stable. If you impose spikes on this sinewave produced from stresses, the organ will be subjected to jerks and chaotic motions that are stressful and eventually damaging to the organ.

Heartmath has all the documentation on this phenomenon and have developed a relaxation technique which actually removes these nervous spikes from the heart and subsequently to other organs. Please check out their website above for more details.

Other information that might be of use

A file that might relate to this kind of stimulation describes a juice extracted from a Hawaiian plant. It might serve as some kind of pH restorative to excite the tissues back to a 'living' condition.

Flanagan has a website promoting his Thinkman Neurophone which they are selling for about $700. Although I've not seen anything at his site about Acupuncture, you might want to email him to see if he has any papers available.

Dan Davidson's additional new information on shapes and forms which appear to act as waveguides for subtle energies is currently available for $20 if you are interested.

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