Dr. Richard L. Clark's High Gain Generator - 02/04/01

I received the following email and am attaching the diagram for the 'high gain generator' for study and replication. If you build this and achieve anomalous results, please share your information everyone by sending it to jdecker@keelynet.com and it will be appended to this file or used to create a new cross-linked page...the information will also be shared with Dr. Clark...thanks!

Dear Mr. Decker,

I have been asked by Dr. Richard L. Clark, a friend of my father, who has apparently done extensive work in the field of gravity and electromagnetism, to publish a design of a "high gain generator".

He is in the process of having an electrical engineering build a proto-type, but is anxious to get the design into the public domain before a national security stamp can be put on it.

Attached is a very rough drawing of the idea. He says that by law, now, this is patented for a year, based upon witnesses signing the design. A clearer schematic will be drawn up, but he asked me to disseminate this as widely as I knew how, as he does not have internet access, and is not conversant with computers.

Click on the image to see full screen

I'll clean this up when I get a chance and post in this document, just got it tonight and wanted to get it online ASAP as per the request. I replied to the letter with the following;

Thank you for passing this information on. I have been a fan of Dr. Clark for many years now thanks to our late friend John Draper who sent several Clark files for dispersal through the KeelyNet BBS.

I will post your document and pass it around to many researchers and networkers I know in the alt science community...we get about 350 hits per day on www.keelynet.com and have about 600 people subscribed to our discussion list with many hundreds more reading it which keeps it from 3 to 10 in the monthly rankings out of many other science discussion lists.......

The design looks similar to one of John Bedinis' circuits, some of which are posted at;


http://www.escribe.com/science/keelynet/m8581.html http://www.keelynet.com/bedmot/callow1.htm

Edwin Gray motor information (Norm Wootan will bring two original Gray motors at our June conference in Dallas) and Peter Lindeman will also give a presentation and workshop;



magnetic anomalies




Thanks again, the URL where this is posted is;


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