Bedini Motor Test #2
From his 1984 book - Bedini's Free Energy Generator
kindly shared by John Bedini
KeelyNet - 09/21/02

Is this the secret of the mysterious Tilley Spinner? John Bedini thinks so as he did similar experiments way back in the 1980s as documented in his long available book. The plans were until recently available on Bedini's website. Read what John has to say about the Tilley self-charging system and study the diagram below, it could be just that simple.

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 22:23:35 -0700

Let's get right to it, it is with regret that I was forced by my investors and people who have supported me all along to take down my pages. I have decided to turn my pages into Tom Bearden's theories and pictures for the simple fact Tom is getting older and it is anybody's guess what will happen.

I have given to you and your group of 'chatters' the most information I could. This brings me to the sad fact that everyone is still searching for something that is staring them right in the face.

I can not seem to get you all to understand that this has nothing to do with "battery desulphation", I'm not in the business of rebuilding batteries. I'm only in the business of recharging batteries by unknown energies.

It's a simple fact that to have anything overunity you must have a COP of 1 or better. The Lead Acid Battery fits the bill as it becomes it's own fuel cell. Now to a better fact, in the 1920 to the 30's the Tilley device was in use, as his quote said "You do not know your history" and it's around you everyday and you see it all the time.

Well, he is right, but the device has it's limitations, I can't give away his secret because it's his device, but I do know who the real inventor was and what the machine is. So here Jerry this is what is going to happen.

Let's drive the car at 30 Mph in high gear and see what happens.

Then let's go to California and climb to 6500 feet going up a steep pass. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes to climb this, the motor is a DC traction motor - series wound.

(Quote, here is where the motor draws 200 amps, yet recharges at 205 amps, just barely making a Cop of 1)

Anyway now approaching the bottom of the hill, so it's time to pour on the steam.

The motor is capable of 500 amps at 144 volts providing the batteries have 12 volts in them....72,000 watts of power plain and simple math V x A = W.

I have 25 minutes to go but my car is only doing 30Mph, I hope the converter is as big as the car. My car is doing 22 Mph and I'm not even half way and my batteries are at 10.98 volts and look at the amps, something is getting hot - "OH SHIT!"

I'm doing 10Mph and I can't coast anywhere. Go with him Jerry see for yourself, Just Kidding! My point here is this car needs a lot of testing which has not been done. To answer your question Jerry, YES, testing was done by not only TUV but also The University of Idaho, and Avista Power and the booklets were printed and given out to the investment group.

I will be posting certain pages on the new sight that I can post. I'm going to be protecting my technology from now on. As far as negative resistors goes it has nothing to do with tunnel diodes or transistors. More on the lines of Kron, Sweet, and others. It is a whole new realm of science, like changing from Tubes to Transistors.

So I wish the best to Tilley and his group for proving that the potential charge technology works, and by the way, back EMF is electrostatic in potential.

Excerpts from an additional email;

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 20:57:23 -0700

...the Magnet static generator is very quiet...(Magneto). Jerry, I printed this book for people to build and not make billions from this invention. The experiment was to show when this thing is rotating it can't be detected, but Ken is right bring an AM radio and you will hear it. $25 dollars from Wal-Mart to make the switching.

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 23:56:36 -0700

FREE ENERGY BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and is not something to make billions!

Take the cover off and prove me wrong let's see what is on the shaft hidden. I just hate Black boxes. Everybody needs to know how to do this now. He just changed this thing around using a store bought controller. He waited until the technology advanced to come out of the bushes.

Dam good thing I was not there as I would have made the biggest scene you ever have seen. The book is 19 years old, we did not have Good Controllers then, we had to use 555 timers, but the batteries still must be switched.

Look at the size of the box, it would make a pretty good sized Magnet with the magnets we have today.

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