BAPman Abuse Report - 09/08/01

Hi Folks! Just found the following in my trash folder, thought it might be of interest to some, apparently, Netscape is a lot smarter than some of the people and scamsters on the web, knowing where to put what..(g)..;

Subject: Abuse Report - re: Jerry Decker
Date:    Fri, 07 Sep 2001 19:13:54 -0400
From:    Bruce A. Perreault - 
Organization: Nu Energy Horizons
         William Alek -,
         Jerry W. Decker -

Dear Abuse Department,

Over the years Jerry Decker has been slandering my good name 
along with other inventors. Two are listed here but there are 
several others who he slanders often...

Don Smith -

William Alek -

These people would appreciate it if you would contact them to 
discuss their complaints with them.

Recently Jerry Decker posted these disparaging messages and 
slanderous remarks made against me and my business.

These remarks have hurt my reputable business along with the 
two other people who are referenced within the scope of this 

We are now looking into a class action lawsuit against your 
client Jerry Decker. I have asked Jerry Decker to please stop 
his hate campaign against me on several occasions but he continues 
without concern of the repercussions that will result
against him and possibly his server.

The attacks made against inventors must cease. I fully expect that 
you will swiftly take care of this matter?

I have enclosed my drivers license as proof of identication. You 
may contact me through my email address and you may also phone me 
during the day at my office... Phone: 603-786-9316

Look through Jerry Decker's discussion list archives and you 
will see many hate related posts by him...

Sincerely, Bruce A. Perreault

It's a bit fuzzy, but it looks like;

New Hampshire Drivers License - Lic# 07PTB61231
Class Operator (well that's certainly a mistake)
DOB 07/23/1961
ISS 06/19/2000
EXP 07/25/2004
Sex M Height 5'07"

Bruce A. Perrault
PO BOX Rumney, NH 03296

Oh yes, DO read the URLs....(g)...
and just use 1/10th of your brain to find the flaws...

What follows is more junk that came in this morning to my trash folder from BAPman, completely wrong and paranoid as ever. What grounds for a lovely countersuit, proof of who is Harlan (ain't me) and proof of his claims of overunity, etc. etc..

The license appeared here on the 8th

Maybe he needs a tinfoil hat too?? AAHHH, no it must be the POLONIUM or RADON or other elements he has sniffed way too much of. After all, he wants people to actively collect and experiment with toxic radioactive material as posted at;


which includes the comments;

Polonium is very dangerous to handle in even milligram or microgram amounts. Damage arises from the complete absorption of the energy of the alpha particle into tissue. The maximum permissible body burden for ingested polonium is only 0.03 micro-curies, which represents a particle weighing only 6.8 x 10 -12 12g. Weight for weight it is about 2.5 x 10 11 times as toxic as hydrocyanic acid. The maximum allowable concentration for soluble polonium compounds in air is about 2 x 10 -11 microcuries/ cm 3 . If it is respected, like anything else it poses little risk. So, you don't want to take apart a capture capacitor. Getting this material into your blood stream via an open wound on your body could be fatal. If the capture capacitor remains sealed then there is nothing to worry about."

and how responsible is this to recommend to people that they actively experiment with his 'safe' delusions at;

"To activate and obtain electrical power from a capture capacitor polonium must be pre-induced into the platinum/ nickel plate. A 300 kilo-volt supply will provide the required polonium fuel in the form of a by-product of the alpha fission process. The platinum/ nickel plate must be exposed to a radon rich atmosphere and negatively charged for several weeks using the 300 kilo-volt source."

Notice he has COMPLETELY FAILED to respond to;

Harlans $50,000 Challenge

Why, because he has nothing but CLAIMS to drag you to buy his skin lotion and junk! $50,000 is easy money, not to mention other prizes ranging up to $10,000, IF you AREN'T LYING and have a WORKING overunity machine as he has publicly claimed at;

> 1998 claim in WIRED by BAPman;
> "I'm going to be revealing a new type of fuel source," said
> self-proclaimed design engineer Bruce Perrault, a featured speaker at
> the conference.
> Perrault said that he will reveal the common factor of all free-energy
> devices -- a special kind of capacitor. Free-energy enthusiasts say that
> an "overunity" device can be created whose output creates more power
> than the input used to drive it.
> Theoretically, it would then be possible to channel some of the output
> back to the input, so that the device would then run continuously using 
> no external power but its own "free energy."
> "You can practically get the materials to build it from any
> supermarket," Perrault said. His plan is to show how to construct one at
> the conference, and demonstrate by powering a small motor with it.
> "This is a totally overlooked source of energy and if developed, could
> take us to the stars," Perrault said.

Radioactivity is well known and not remotely considered 'free energy' nor is it something any sane or responsible person would promote as experimental by just anyone who happened to read such craziness. What about kids and the gullible who don't do other research and just take such material as presented, what if they DIE or become very sick from such crazy suggestions posted freely on the net? Who is responsible then?

Go to;

type in nu energy and click on the cache material to see what might now be missing as reality and truth is catching up to him where he is demanding various sites remove his garbage else it could lead to serious legal action. Some have been saving them so he can't cover his tracks and other surprises are in the works.

Subject: Harlen Sanders is Jerry Decker!
Date:    Sun, 09 Sep 2001 05:45:53 -0400
From:    "Bruce A. Perreault" 
Organization: Nu Energy Horizons
CC:     "Jerry W. Decker" 

Hello All!

This message was posted to the internet on September 6, last Thursday...

You can see that my drivers license was enclosed as an attachment 
along with my complaint. This complaint was sent to Yahoo/Geocities. 
It was also sent to William S. Alek, Don Smith and Jerry Decker.

My drivers license is posted on the Harlen Sanders website...

The thing is that you will notice that my drivers license did not 
appear on the discussion list or publicly on the internet. This is 
because I have disabled attachments from reaching the Yahoo 
Nu Energy discussion posts. This leaves three people who received 
a copy of my drivers license.

Bill and Don are also under attack by Jerry Decker. This leaves 
Decker exposed as the person who is responsible for the Sanders 
website! There is other evidence that points to Decker but this 
is the final nail in his coffin. Just liston to the audio files
that have been posted on the site. All of you who have spoken to 
Decker know that it is his voice. It will be interesting what 
further evidence will surface from Yahoo and Decker's root server. 
The Texas Rangers will have no problem building a case against him.

It's over Jerry! You are now exposed to the world. Now you can 
face me like a man.

This is why I asked you to save the website in a file on your 
computer. This way when Jerry pulls the evidence from the Sanders
website the evidence will not go away. Now, if anything happens 
to me in Texas everyone will know who to look for.

      -Bruce A. Perreault