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Finally, in 1999, we HAD all the files posted from the KeelyNet BBS, spanning from 1988 to 1996 when a hard drive crash happened shortly after moving to the Internet. The files WERE offered in two ways for specificity. Each category WAS zipped into one file and then all the files were zipped into one 11MB file which unzips to about 30MB.

Bear in mind, these files have not been edited and are EXACTLY as posted on the BBS, so clean up is up to the reader. I used to run Dos-based XTreePro to read, edit and organize them as it works quite well but as of December 1999, an engineer told me about about a cool new program that is almost identical to the old XTreePro but this one works with Windows. The name of the program is ZTREE and they have a free demo version.

The registered program sells for $30.00. It has a lot of options and the reason I use it is you can easily VIEW or EDIT any of these .ZIP files (once unzipped). At least check out the demo and experiment with it, I am extremely pleased with my copy of ZTREE.

One other thing, these files represent a tremendous amount of time and effort over many years of focused attention and networking.

If you like what you see or find something here of use or value, please consider making a donation to help support KeelyNet or buy something from us and help it grow.

Who knows what we could get done if everyone who uses KeelyNet just sent in $10 per year. Look at the groups that CHARGED or sold items to stay in business and they have gone away, so KeelyNet is, without a doubt a labor of love.

We are not a church, not a charity, not a government tax, just a chance to help us provide not just you, but MANY PEOPLE with more new and novel information. One day that information will take the form of a circuit or construction plan that won't be sold, but given freely to all.

Thanks, you have no idea of the mischief and outrage (Mark Twain used to say that..<g>..) that we are planning for the alternative science arenas.

We have to be stable, we have to be long term, we have to always grow and add new information, to do that costs money and time. Only with such stability will new thought and new ideas be made freely and openly available as a catalyst for positive changes.

Therefore, as of 06/01/05, the files are no longer available online but are being cleaned up, formatted and updated to soon be offered on CD to support KeelyNet.