American Angel anonymous Crime Reporting
system rewards moral behavior - 06/19/16


This is a proposal for the American Angel Crime Reporting system to allow anonymous reporting of any crime with a possible reward if the report leads to apprehension and criminal prosecution.

In an ideal world, community support and patriotism should be sufficient to encourage people to report criminal activities, but these reports would be far more prolific with the addition of a fixed reward.

It would allow anyone to anonymously submit a written description of a crime or plans for a crime with a $500 or $1000 reward should it lead to stopping a crime with prosecution. Such a payment is a pittance compared to how much damage and costs are caused by criminals.

Basically, stores and businesses would provide easy access to a standard reporting form which consists of two parts, both with a reference number with barcode used for the online crime report database.

The top part of the form is where the submitter can write down the details of their report; who, what, where and when the event occurred or is planned to occur.

The bottom form with the same reference number is retained by the submitter so they can anonymously claim their reward on successful prosecution of the reported crime.

The completed form is placed in an American Angel collection box at every post office. Those forms are collected by the local police station for analysis and classification to determine action and timeliness.


As an idea for the $500 reward, we would include car or property theft, home or business robbery, fraud, personal attack, reporting local drug dealers, etc..

For the $1000 reward, we would include explosives, arms or drug dealing, plans for robberies or organized criminal activities, car theft rings and chopshops, meth and drug labs, plans for riots or illegal activities, etc..

To collect your reward, the submitter can check an online database or can visit a police station and check a list of numbers showing which crimes are involved in prosecution (to show their report is being acted on) or were successfully prosecuted.

If their report resulted in a successful prosecution, the submitter can go to any local police station, present the report ticket with a brief description of it to learn where to collect the cash reward. No names or ID needed, just take the cash and leave with our thanks.

Imagine how many people would participate, knowing their report would be anonymous and that they could make some money by reporting what they have seen or know about.

This system would help clean up criminal activities all over the USA and instill some degree of character, morality and patriotism in those who see how their simple report lead to stopping a crime or disaster like the mass shootings we are seeing in our times.

I offer this idea as a way to prevent crimes before they happen because people would now be 'induced' to report what they know for a monetary reward and because they are assured the criminals will never know who turned them in and foiled their plans.

Works for the families and friends of potential terrorist(s), sociopaths or other criminals that damage our country, because they can anonymously report and receive some money for their time and efforts.

All Online Version

Of course this could all be done online with a database, submission, lookup and report forms.

It would be searchable for claim numbers issued and use drop down menus for your state and city where you type in your who, what, where and when information and are given a ticket number which, if your anonymous suggestion results in successful prosecution, you can submit that claim ticket and be told where to collect your reward. This way it could be more centralized though I suspect it might lose potential tipsters who still don't use computers or prefer a paper submission and receipt.

I hope someone takes up the gauntlet on this either as a private business, a non profit business who could get government and private funding or a government project for all cities in the USA.

Use it with my best wishes! Make America Great and SAFE again! - Jerry @ Keelynet y mas



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