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This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS as TWOSUN.ASC and another version exists called 2COMB.ASC from 07/06/96.

I added two drawings on 04/05/01 showing how like poles would repel from the stronger field. Bear in mind the sun would have the strongest field reaching far outward into the system. Each planet has its own magnetic field meaning it might cause the magnetic field of a planet near it to flip in opposition to the suns polarity. None of this has been checked out and I would appreciate any corrections with the proper references as verification. Send them to Jerry Decker at KeelyNet, thanks!

One of the most incredible discoveries in our time has been unheralded and is only known to a small group of people who study such matters. It pertains to the closest duplication of UFO flight characteristics and power sources that I have seen in many years of studies in attempts to ascertain how to duplicate them for practical use.

Here are some intriguing correlations that you might find of interest.

There are three keys which have provided a synchronicity that I feel make this worth posting.

Note : I have not done any research regarding planetary magnetic pole orientations and such in hopes someone with the time and ability will be inspired by this file to do it and share their findings. Your assistance is appreciated. These are simply some observations that I found 'coincidental.' If you have something that adds to the information, please email Jerry Decker at KeelyNet.

Key #1

An interesting phone call came in the other day from a fellow in Alberta. Unfortunately, it woke me up and I did not get the guy's name, however, what he said was quite fascinating.

He proposed a 'new theory' which is similar yet a bit different from what I'd seen before. All magnets are polarized so that there is a North and a South pole. Where the two pole energies come together, they cancel to produce a magnetic null zone called the Bloch Wall.

If you have a very large magnet with a null zone that is proportionately wide, then a smaller magnet can be 'suspended' within the null zone in such a way that its North pole is kept aligned with the larger magnets' North pole and the same for the South pole. As a result, the smaller magnet will be kept suspended within the null zone as long as the poles are kept oriented for a like/like repulsion to both poles.

In case you have not had an opportunity to see the interesting little magnetic toy, the Levitron, that levitates WHEN SPUN, it clearly shows that angular momentum in conjunction with gyroscopic balancing will keep a spinning magnet from flipping.

This toy is basically a disk magnet with a pointed non-metallic shaft running through the center. I am not sure what kind of magnet is inside the plastic box to provide the suspension, but from the operation of the device, it appears to be projecting a circular field that is sufficiently tight at one point above the box, to hold the spinning magnetic top in place.

The components are a box (with a large circular magnet to provide the shaped field), a plastic plate and the magnetic top with one pole facing up, the other facing down.

The plastic plate is set on top of the box and the magnetic top is spun by hand as fast as possible on the plate. Once the top is spinning, the plastic plate is slowly lifted up, carrying the top into the shaped circular field.

While the plastic plate is being lifted, at a certain point, the shaped field will be most intense. It is here that the plastic plate is now lowered, causing the spinning magnetic top to be captured in the shaped field. The plastic plate is removed and the spinning magnetic top remains floating in space for as long as the top spins. It is wonderful to watch this thing hovering in the air, sometimes bobbing around as air currents deflect it slightly.

The guy from Alberta says the Sun provides just such a magnetic field, of very great strength and which projects out into our solar system. The solar equator is thus one of these Bloch Wall null zones in which each planet is suspended and kept in orbit.

the theory is that planets orbit in solar equatorial plane with opposite magnetic polarities so that like poles repel causing the planets to stay flipped by repulsion

The solar magnetic flux provides a swirling motion that not only restores the rotation of the planets but provides their angular momentum to keep them from flipping.

Such an idea is quite fascinating and needs to be checked into with regard to;

1) the spin direction of each planet with respect to the sun
2) the N/S orientation of each planet with respect to the sun
3) the velocity of each planet in relation to its mass/volume

It might provide a key to tapping magnetic fields for energy generation on a small scale, just like the solar system is self-driven on a macro scale and electron orbits on a micro scale take advantage of a similar process.

Something to keep in mind that has been promoted by the late Rory Johnson and his student, Gerald Orlowski,;

electricity REPELS electricity (explosive),
magnetism ATTRACTS magnetism (implosive).

Key #2

Canadian David Hamel, developer of the Hamel flying disk, claimed to have been shown the technology by aliens.

The aliens informed Hamel they had given this technology to our ancestors many times over history and we would find evidences of it as historical artifacts and in legends. Hamel was also told we used energy technology which produced heat as it dissipated the energy. The natural way was to produce cooling by use of implosion forces, rather than explosion.

Hamel was told, 'In twenty more years everything on earth will be devastated. It's the magnetic that will change. I was told that when the lineup of the planets and THE SECOND SUN passes for three days and three nights in front of our sun and blacks it out, the magnetic will change. Between the years 2000 and 2005.'

There is no question our technology has far outstripped our responsible use of energy and environmental resources. Pierre Sinclaires' Project Magnet will provide a new energy resource as well as a radical new means of flight.

Key #3

The following corroborating file is from the KeelyNet archive.

April 20, 1991 - TWOSUN.ASC
Taken from Flying Saucers magazine - February 1965

Do We Have A Double Sun? - by Henry Rasmusen

We definitely DO have TWO SUNS, according to M. F. Malin, of Salt Lake City, who has spent much of his spare time for over forty years in pursuit of such a theory.

The possibility of the existence of a double sun in our solar system began for Malin in 1917, when he overhead a conversation between two men, evidently scientists, on a train in New Jersey.

The subject of their conversation was the failure of the law of gravitation with respect to the relations of Earth and Sun - their conclusion being that the basis of velocities of bodies in space must be otherwise than that laid down in Newton's PRINCIPIA. Malin was studying sculpture at the time, at the National Academy of Design in New York.

This failure of the gravitational law was shocking to him, for even he knew that Newton's mathematical demonstrations in this connection had formed the groundwork of the whole of modern mechanics, engineering and physics.

How could the law have failed, when the results of this work were already interwoven throughout the whole structure of science in all its branches? The modern researches of Einstein and others were always said to have enhanced the value of the PRINCIPIA.

The matter attracted the young sculptor so greatly that from that time he began to divide his attention about equally between sculpture and astrophysical study, often working far into the night in efforts to improve his meager knowledge of mathematics, and spending his available time pouring over astronomical and astrophysical works in the libraries.

Quite early in these studies, he found that although Newton had proven his law very successfully in connection with the Earth-Moon system, he had been forced to abandon his efforts to apply it to the relations of Earth and Sun because the sun's distance and dimensions were not known with any degree of accuracy in his time.

A couple of centuries later (after 1894), when the sun's distance and size had been agreed upon and established internationally, the apparent discrepancies in the gravitational relations of Earth and Sun had become painfully evident.

Using the sun as a CENTER OF ATTRACTION, with the Earth-Moon system as a unit of measurement, the proper elements of the earth's orbit were readily calculable - but everywhere seemed to be awry.

The earth's distance, period and velocity were hopelessly at variance with each other according to the gravitation law, but the distance and period had been established by observation and could not be adjusted. Also, the sun's size in connection with these elements presented an awkward problem.

After many a headache over the situation, the calculators of the day had given up, and had conceded that the basis of velocities in Nature must be other than in Newton's work and had offered the poor parody of gravitational relations on the part of Sun and Earth which is current in the astronomy books of today.

This was even more intriguing than ever, because it was perfectly clear that this basis of velocities - that is, the amount of material in the body divided by the square of the distance of the attracted particle - literally IS THE LAW OF GRAVITATION, and that upon this point the Newtonian law as a whole must stand or fall.

Here was something which could not be thrust aside by denials or contradictions; it was something no mathematician could deny. What could be wrong? And why had the failure seemed to apply ONLY to the relations of Earth and Sun?

Malin made some simple calculations which showed that THE SUN HAS LESS THAN ONE-THIRD THE VOLUME OF MATERIAL REQUISITE TO ITS EXISTENCE AS THE CENTRAL ATTRACTION OF THE PLANETARY SYSTEM, even if its average density were the same as that of the earth.

And if its density were only about one-fourth as great as that of the Earth - as the astronomer USUALLY RECKONS - the discrepancy would be all the more hopeless.

How could a discordancy of such proportions ever have been glossed over for the public in the astronomy books? People in general, even among the scientists, seemed entirely unaware that the sun-centered theory and the law of gravitation WERE IRRECONCILABLE.

No doubt some of the mathematicians knew but could not face the issue, not knowing anything that could be done about it. And WHERE WAS THE REMAINDER OF THE PLANETARY SYSTEM?

There seemed to be only one possible place in the system. For a body larger than the sun in volume, or the equivalent with unequal densities - a position PERPETUALLY IN ALIGNMENT BEHIND THE SUN AS SEEN FROM THE EARTH, incredible as this might seem at first glance.

And if there were a relationship between mass and brightness among stars, perhaps THE GREATER STAR WOULD BE BRIGHTER AND HOTTER THAN THE SUN, and there should be some physical signs of its presence.

If such a body existed, the planetary system would revolve around a center of gravity SITUATED BETWEEN THE TWO, SOME DISTANCE BEYOND THE SUN.

It was not very difficult to calculate the proper radius of Earth's orbit by Newton's methods, and this turned out to be 101,300,000 miles - placing the possible center of gravity of the system about 4,800,000 miles BEYOND THE SUN.

Later, Malin wrote an imaginative account of the physical appearances which might be expected if there were a brighter and hotter star operating at comparatively close range BEHIND THE SUN, and made drawings to illustrate the writing.

Of course, he already supposed that the solar corona and the zodiacal lights were involved. He went deeper into the findings of observation in the reality and compared the real phenomena with his drawings, searching the periodicals and books for new observations, new findings, new information.

As the years passed, it became more and more clear that the imaginative phenomena were all present in the planetary system but formed a bewildering chain of scientific mysteries on the strictly sun-centered plan of Copernicus.

The scientific situation could all be summed up in the words of the eminent astronomer Simon Newcomb,

'The amazing fact that observation has opened up mainly mysteries in the sun; that as a result the world is farther than ever from a satisfactory solution to solar phenomena.'

Malin had grown up in the Mormon faith, in fact had spent two years as a missionary in New Zealand before he was twenty. Something which might have helped him substantiate the double sun theory in his own mind is to be found in one of the basic books of Mormon - THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE.

The book is mainly a compilation of material which the Mormon founder- prophet, Joseph Smith had translated into English from a scroll of Egyptian papyrus brought to him by a stranger in the 1820's.

Among other things in the translation was a group of heiroglyphics, showing humans, birds and symbological figures. One of these symbols Smith interpreted as being 'a planet called Kolob, which is directly BEHIND THE SUN.'

Whether or not this had any influence on Malin's thinking, it is an interesting parallel.

In 1931 a booklet, SOLAR ARRANGEMENT, was distributed to the worlds major observatories. It contained drawings which portrayed the Zodiacal body with its light and heat AS A SEPARATE ENTITY BEHIND THE SUN from the earth, with all the sun's major "mysteries" DRAWN IN AS NORMAL PHENOMENA.

if Nemesis races around to intervene between the Earth and SOL, it would cause pole flips to any planets suspended in SOL's equatorial zone, including the Earth

Up to that time, Dr. Fath's spectrum of the zodiacal light had been accepted as a matter of course - indicating that the light consisted MERELY OF REFLECTED SUNLIGHT.

The light had long been so much a mystery that very little had ever been written about it in the astronomy books. Within a year, several new spectra appeared from various scientific sources, all of them showing the zodiacal light TO HAVE AN EMISSION SPECTRUM OF ITS OWN, APART FROM THOSE OF THE SUN, the corona and the aurora.

(Vanguard note...a critical point in this paper, the fact that there were DIFFERENT EMISSION SPECTRA from readings taken from the rim and those taken from the interior surface of the disk)

Malin's drawings and text represented the solar corona as being intensely hot in the space AROUND THE EDGE OF THE SUN'S VISIBLE DISK - being the gaseous product of TERRIFIC RADIATION poured out upon the sun's body at comparatively close range FROM A PLACE BEHIND IT.

In the years that have followed, the sun, with a measured facial temperature of about 6,000 degrees Centigrade, has been found to be SITTING IN THE MIDST OF ATOMIC CORONAL TEMPERATURES OF A MILLION DEGREES AND MORE..

Incidentally, this leaves the scientists to suppose that they are looking through a million degrees of temperature IN FRONT OF THE SUN when measuring 6,000 degrees Centigrade ON THE SOLAR SURFACE, if they adhere to the SUN-CENTERED IDEA.

It may be added, that in their researches of today the physicists USUALLY DISTINGUISH between the zodiacal light area of the SOLAR CORONA (light and radiation radiating from the circumference of the disk) and the SOLAR AREA (across the diameter of the disk). Why would they have to distinguish between the two readings if it is A SINGLE BODY??

Some college professors have found the yearly period on the part of the binary to be impossible, but this is because they have started out by ASSUMING THE SUN TO BE SELF-SUFFICIENT with every other body SUPERFLUOUS.

As matters stand, the astronomers and physicists have only to acknowledge that the conditions on and in front of the visible solar disk ARE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from those found in the violent upheaval and gaseous turmoil AROUND ITS "EDGES," and then THE REST WILL FOLLOW as a matter of course, and soon the strictly sun-centered theory will be as obsolete as the epicycles of the earth-centered era.

Then our solar system will be acknowledged to have a double sun, WHICH IS THE RULE, NOT THE EXCEPTION in the Universe.

Vanguard note...

Another incredible chunk of information....There are some bizarre things going on with the Sun and the properties of light in space. John Keely says that the Sun and stars are invisible when viewed from space. Light only manifests when in the presence of a gas which serves as a percussive medium for the Aether to allow the generation of light through interference; thereby slowing the Aether to lower frequencies.

Rudolph Steiner also says that the Sun and stars are invisible from space. Tom Brown (of Borderland Sciences in California) says he talked on the phone to one astronaut who said they could not take pictures of the Sun or stars UNLESS the camera was inside the ship (where there is air). On hearing this, Tom called NASA and asked the Public Information Officer if the Sun could be seen from space. The PIO said of course.

At that point Tom explained about the story he was working on and that he had talked to an astronaut who confirmed the premise of no visible light from space. The PIO got very upset on the phone and said that information was not supposed to be given to the public.

We here at Vanguard Sciences work from the premise that Aether is the PRIME CONTINUUM or the fundamentally highest possible frequency of this universe. In its division, it produces magnetism, electricity, light, heat, sound, vibration and mass. What if the 2nd sun was a doorway to a dimension of energy which breaks through to sustain this section of space?

The channel Hilarion (Maurice Cooke) from Canada offers some interesting thoughts on protons, electrons and the 4th dimension which seem to back up such a contention. He says Protons are escape points from the 4th dimension to the 3rd (where we are). We perceive these points as energy of a higher potential than the normal background level. The rotation is also specific for this polarity.

Once this potential exhausts itself, the rotation reverses from that of a proton at which point we perceive it as an electron. Electrons group to develop sufficient energy to create an escape point from the 3rd to the 4th dimension through which to replay the never-ending cycle.


Hamel said he was told the magnetic field of the earth would change when a 2nd sun moved around in front of ours. If there is a 2nd sun as Key #3 indicates, and it is smaller, yet more powerful, it might be oppositely polarized in a magnetic sense to bind it to our sun as a dual star. (N/S and S/N)

If Key #1 indications are valid, then the Earth and all other planets reside within a null zone, kept spinning by the swirling magnetic flux lines of our sun and polarized to remain with North repelling North and South repelling South, then this 2nd sun, having an opposite polarity would cause an equatorial (Bloch Wall) flip which would cause the Earth's magnetic field to flip. This should apply to all the other planets also.

If this postulated 2nd sun is of the SAME polarity N/N to S/S, yet it is smaller and more powerful than the expanded sun we see every day, then if it came between us and our sun, the intensified gravity and magnetic fields would cause massive climate and geological shifts, obscuring the atmosphere to create the 3 days and nights of blackness as told to Hamel.

Of all the millenial and centennial scare stories I've ever heard or read, particularly those referring to a magnetic pole shift, I never saw a reason for WHY the poles shifted except for cometary or asteroid bodies coming close to, or striking the earth.

This premise is much more intriguing and thought-provoking in light of the other 'keys'. There are questions that arise, such as;

1) if this mysterious dual sun is always on the opposite side of our sun, and its magnetic field is opposite, why don't the other planets flip as they move in and out of the dual sun equatorial influnces?

2) where in history are there correlations to this 'other sun' that could indicate this has happened BEFORE and simply not been recognized for what was the real cause? (Fans of Sitchin, Hancock and West, arise and pay heed!)

3) the aliens said this technology had been given to our ancestors many times in the past and we simply did not recognize the artefacts for what they were, a simple way to generate power or propulsion.

Updated information for this file;

11 year Solar Cycle
Like the Earth, the Sun has a magnetic field whose north and south poles are tilted away from its rotation axis. The solar magnetic field reverses (the N pole becomes a S pole and vice versa) approximately every 11 years (the solar cycle)....Earth’s magnetic field also reverses, on a much longer and very irregular time scale – consecutive reversals are spaced between 5 thousand and 50 million years apart.

Parker wave showing suns field
page from Ivanov section showing magnetic ripple fields in space and how they create orbital grooves

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