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07/01/15 - July 2015 - Keelynet's 26th year online
KeelyNet On July 15th, which happens to be my birthday, I started Keelynet way back in 1988 and am still at it, some 26 years later. So many websites start up, some with great promise, but most fail after a year or so, based on my experience, I suspect this happens when the operators find there is no money in free energy/alt science news and ideas.

But for me, it's not about money, but about learning and correlating interesting things along with active Keelynet contributors of news and a few who kindly make an occasional donation to help support the site.

Last year, the server bill from Hostgator sucked over $500 out of my credit card to my great surprise, but if you wanna play, ya gotta pay.

I take this 26 years of stability as an indicator of who is serious as compared to those who have ulterior motives. Keelynet promotes free energy, gravity control and rejuvenation along with many related topics, but so far no working devices have come along though I am working on it as I can with my almost non-existent finances for experiments. It's my hope Keelynet will inspire others to dream big, but more importantly, ACT on those dreams and make them real as in the movie Tomorrowland.

"Have you ever wondered what would happen, if all the geniuses, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world decided to actually change it? Where, where could they even do such a thing? They'd need a place free from politics and bureaucracy, distractions, greed - a secret place where they could build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine..."

Thanks for sticking with Keelynet all these years and if I have my way about it, when I get the last $800, I can pay the lab and translator service for my partial cloning experiment to reverse my age by 30 years or so by partial copying the dna of an 18 year old mexican teen into my old dna and if it works, I'll show everyone how to do it so Keelynet will reach 50 years with all of us young and healthy! Excited because I received the fingertip pulse detector for my Lucid Dream machine which I will use to try to win the Texas lottery since I won $110 in 1998 from seeing 6 numbers, but only remembered 4, this time I will use a VOX! I will happily fund Tomorrowland so everyone can pursue their destiny! - Jerry Decker @ - July 2015 - Keelynet's 26th year online

07/01/15 - Coley’s Toxins
Vice-President of Sloan-Kettering, Dr. Lloyd J. Old, was investigating “Coley’s Toxins” when the Laetrile studies came into the Center – thus causing more tension among the “conventional” leaders Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

After the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refused to “grandfather” Coley’s Toxins as an old drug in 1963, its fate was sealed and its use was barred, even at MKSCC. Then, in 1965, the American Cancer Society added Coley and his toxins to its “unproven methods” list. Coley had descended from a pioneering immunologist to a habitué of the world’s most notorious quack list. But the ACS didn’t reckon with Helen Coley Nauts, who immediately embarked on a one-woman crusade to vindicate her father’s work and restore her family’s good name.

Mrs. Nauts had a single-minded mission to reclaim her father’s (and her family’s) reputation. She began writing a series of unique scientific monographs showing that “Father” had cured incurable cancers with his mixed bacterial vaccine. These were sent to all the medical libraries, where they gathered dust.

Dr. Old explained that cancer immunotherapy, his chosen field, had originated with the work of Coley, who had used a mixture of killed bacteria to stimulate the immune system. I asked Old why we couldn’t just study Coley’s toxins themselves, or at least fever therapy. But he voiced the opinion that people in our day no longer experienced high fevers the way they had in Coley’s day. Perhaps, he said, they had been subjected to too many antibiotics in the food supply to be able to mount a vigorous immune response. Coley’s toxins are also difficult to administer and endure and thus there is a big compliance issue.

Eventually, Sloan-Kettering’s Vice President, Dr. Lloyd J. Old helped to get “Coley’s Toxins” as well as “Hyperthermia” permanently removed the the American Cancer Society’s quack list. “These treatments weren’t quackery at all, they were just the beginnings of good science.” (Click link for video) - Coley’s Toxins

07/01/15 - Creating Bacterial "Fight Clubs" To Discover New Drugs
Vanderbilt chemists have shown that creating bacterial 'fight clubs' is an effective way to discover natural biomolecules with the properties required for new drugs. They have demonstrated the method by using it to discover a new class of antibiotic with anti-cancer properties.

From the Vanderbilt website: "That is the conclusion of a team of Vanderbilt chemists who have been exploring ways to get bacteria to produce biologically active chemicals which they normally hold in reserve. These compounds are called secondary metabolites.

They are designed to protect their bacterial host and attack its enemies, so they often have the right kind of activity to serve as the basis for effective new drugs. In fact, many antibiotics and anticancer compounds in clinical use are either secondary metabolites or their derivatives." - Creating Bacterial "Fight Clubs" To Discover New Drugs

07/01/15 - Condom That Changes Colors When STDs Are Detected
KeelyNet A thirteen year old and two fourteen year olds in England just won a prize for best health innovation for designing a condom that changes colors when it comes in contact with sexually transmitted infections. The rubber turns green when it detects chlamydia, blue for syphilis and a yellow when it detects herpes. It turns a charred black if your penis just exploded.

According to the product's designers, the condom exterior includes a layer covered with molecules that attaches to the bacteria and viruses associated with common STIs. This bad bacteria combined with the molecules covering the condom then causes the rubber exterior to glow a certain colour in dim light.

Wait -- so if the condom is only coated on the outside, that means it only detects infections in females? Why don't they coat the inside too? And what happens if you have more than one of those diseases? Does it turn brown? Also, I feel like it would be weird to find out you or your partner has a sexually transmitted infection mid-sex. I don't care how many chocolate covered strawberries you may have fed each other, that's definitely going to ruin the mood.

Thanks to Jenn M, who invented a toothbrush that detects the mind-control drugs the government pumps into our water supply. - Condom That Changes Colors When STDs Are Detected

07/01/15 - Water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen fuel 24/7
KeelyNet In an engineering first, Stanford University scientists have invented a low-cost water splitter that uses a single catalyst to produce both hydrogen and oxygen gas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The researchers believe that the device, described in an open-access study published today (June 23) in Nature Communications, could provide a renewable source of clean-burning hydrogen fuel for transportation and industry. “We have developed a low-voltage, single-catalyst water splitter that continuously generates hydrogen and oxygen for more than 200 hours, an exciting world-record performance,” said study co-author Yi Cui, an associate professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford and of photon science at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

The search for clean hydrogen - Hydrogen has long been promoted as an emissions-free alternative to gasoline. But most commercial-grade hydrogen is made from natural gas — a fossil fuel that contributes to global warming. So scientists have been trying to develop a cheap and efficient way to extract pure hydrogen from water.

A conventional water-splitting device consists of two electrodes submerged in a water-based electrolyte. A low-voltage current applied to the electrodes drives a catalytic reaction that separates molecules of H2O, releasing bubbles of hydrogen on one electrode and oxygen on the other.

In these devices, each electrode is embedded with a different catalyst, typically platinum and iridium, two rare and costly metals. But in 2014, Stanford chemist Hongjie Dai developed a water splitter made of inexpensive nickel and iron that runs on an ordinary 1.5-volt battery.

A single catalyst - In conventional water splitters, the hydrogen and oxygen catalysts often require different electrolytes with different pH — one acidic, one alkaline — to remain stable and active. “For practical water splitting, an expensive barrier is needed to separate the two electrolytes, adding to the cost of the device,” Wang explained.

“Our water splitter is unique because we only use one catalyst, nickel-iron oxide, for both electrodes,” said graduate student Haotian Wang, lead author of the study. “This bi-functional catalyst can split water continuously for more than a week with a steady input of just 1.5 volts of electricity. That’s an unprecedented water-splitting efficiency of 82 percent at room temperature.”

Wang and his colleagues discovered that nickel-iron oxide, which is cheap and easy to produce, is actually more stable than some commercial catalysts made of expensive precious metals.

The key to making a single catalyst possible was to use lithium ions to chemically break the metal oxide catalyst into smaller and smaller pieces. That “increases its surface area and exposes lots of ultra-small, interconnected grain boundaries that become active sites for the water-splitting catalytic reaction,” Cui said. “This process creates tiny particles that are strongly connected, so the catalyst has very good electrical conductivity and stability.” (Click link for video) - Water splitter produces clean-burning hydrogen fuel 24/7

07/01/15 - Scary flying car
Thorstin Crijns aims to transport people by multicopter, flying car style, and he actually built a brilliant/insane working prototype. A typical quadcopter won't cut it, so his machine has 16 separate motors and props, with a cluster of lithium-ion batteries to power it.

Since weight is of the essence, the computer-optimized frame is made of lightweight 6060 aluminum. The final piece of the puzzle is the control system, and Crijns chose the MultiWii Autopilot, a well-known product that adjusts the power on each motor to keep things straight and level.

The resulting machine weighs in at 110 pounds, and the test pilot (Crijns himself, of course, who else would fly it?) is 132 pounds, for 242 pounds total. With a total static thrust of 282 pounds versus 242 pounds of weight, his contraption should theoretically fly, and as you can see in the short video below, it worked like a charm.

Nevertheless, the test flight was understandably brief and Crijns only got a few feet off the ground. We're not sure what he plans to do with it next, but so far we'd call his experiments a success. On the other hand, it looks dangerous on so many levels that we're questioning whether we want the whole flying car thing after all. - Scary flying car

07/01/15 - The first wireless bungee jump
Science meets extreme sports to create the first wireless bungee jump. - The first wireless bungee jump

07/01/15 - Case for Buying an Electric Car will get better
Drive 200+ miles on a single charge, without paying Tesla prices. Electric car sales have stagnated through the first half of 2015. Sales have slumped for several reasons, including cheap gas prices and increased fuel efficiency among gas-powered automobiles.

While purchase prices have decreased, EVs remain impractical for many households for the time being. Presumably, a large portion of drivers is reluctant to go electric because of limited driving range. Unless you’re willing to pay $70,000 or more for the likes of a Tesla, you’ll be limited to driving 70 or 80 miles per charge with the Leaf and nearly every other reasonably priced purely battery-powered vehicle. That’s just not enough for drivers who want a car that’ll be worry-free on road trips, longer commutes, and long days full of running errands.

Soon, though, the so-called “range anxiety” factor could be reduced significantly. Earlier this year, GM introduced a concept called the Chevy Bolt, an all-electric vehicle that should appeal to the masses seeing as it’s expected to be both affordable (around $30,000) and practical (200 miles per charge).

Another Automotive News post notes that Nissan is working on a next-generation battery that would allow the Leaf a driving range of roughly 310 miles per charge. Such an impressive range won’t be available in the forthcoming 2017 Nissan Leaf, which should hit the market next year with an expected range of 105 to 120 miles.

What’s more, next year Tesla, which thus far has focused on the high-end market, is expected to introduce the Model 3, a mass-market vehicle rumored to have an impressive driving range and starting price ($35,000) that could come to dominate the field. The Chinese are selling an urban range (low mileage between charges) for $2,000 but they can't sell in the US because of uor overcomplicated safety requirements. 06/18/15 - Meet the Electric Vehicle Outselling Tesla in China. We don't need tank proof safety for low speed vehicles. So again we shoot ourselves in the foot. - JWD - Case for Buying an Electric Car will get better

07/01/15 - Quantum Vacuum Energy Convention
We are having a meeting in Fort Lauderdale Florida August 15-16 2015. $150 per person. We have obtained 20% discounts off hotel rooms at the Renaissance Cruise Port Hotel as they are available.


$150 includes both 8 hour days (and if you want one Window Motor kit for $50 we will be assembling them on Sunday morning). This kit may be featured powering a remote control vehicle such as a little boat.


To learn about cutting edge Tesla and related technology that is changing the world.

To meet other like-minded people and make personal and business connections.

To participate in workshops where we build these systems together the right way.

To have lots of fun and to be amazed!

This will be a special meeting as our new associate Michael Stroh presents spectacular and advanced applications of the motor energizers and related technologies.

I could not find a speaker list and it seems to me to be a marketing ploy for Renaissance Battery Chargers and Rejuvenators and Stroh Media. Every conference I've gone to has a list of various speakers, CONFERRING, not just two guys presenting what they sell. And I'm annoyed at the use of the terms Quantum Vacuum Energy and the Tesla buzzword to draw people. But they do offer kits and a range of novel motor designs that might be of interest. Always good to see working devices. - JWD (Click link for video) - Quantum Vacuum Energy Convention

07/01/15 - Tut's Tale - Regeneration?


This is Tut the cat. Tut was born in April of 2003. His person, Dana, found him on May 23, 2003. He had lost his mommy and was starving. He cried day and night till May 26. Dana put him on the back porch that evening because his crying was keeping everyone awake. She left the outside door open a bit in case he had to get out.

There was a big storm that night and part of the roof of an outbuilding collapsed. The next morning Tut was sitting on the back step but his tail was almost completely severed. Tut's tail came completely off in a day or so.

Dana started feeding Tut Liquid Chi and Prime Enzymes in his food. She also fed him Cleopatra's milk out of her hand. From that time to this Tut has not cried or made any sound except a loud purr. Tut is a very happy and active cat now. He frequently licks the red tip of his tail where all the growth is occurring. Dana puts Sola, Cleopatra's Milk, Liquid Chi and other products on Tut's tail and on his fur.

Dana thinks that the new tail grew because Tut has been eating the Cleopatra's Milk, Liquid Chi, Prime Enzymes, Sola and Zenergy. Seems to be focused on promoting these products so not sure if she is a shill or if they really do what she says they did for her cat. Would need them tested on other cases where regeneration of missing tissue occurred. - JWD - Tut's Tale - Regeneration?

07/01/15 - Google Search Health Tip
Compare the search for “Paleo diet,” with the search on “Paleo risks.” Without the word “risks,” you get a lot of promotional sites.

Search on “gluten-free risks,” not “gluten free,” to get the full picture. Adding the word “myth” can also help when searching on health topics, such as “myths of soy.” Sometimes we add the words “side effects” or “dangers.”

If something sounds like an urban legend, we copy and paste the whole phrase into It’s often revealed as a hoax.

I use snopes, urbanlegends, etc. to check on usually forwarded stories that smack of paranoia or incitement. And for companies and products that sound too good to be true, throw in FRAUD, HOAX or SCAM in the search term with their name. - JWD - Google Search Health Tip

07/01/15 - Weird, wonderful, amazing and rare low cost eBooks, CDs and DVDs
KeelyNet You can download any mix of our eBooks or order collections on CD to save money.

We also have unusual DVDs that you might find of interest. Here is your chance to build your library and your understanding of how the universe works.

And our eBook Collections include John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Chandra Bose, Rejuvenation, Homeopathy and Learning to Draw to build your skills, and much, much more. Your purchases help support Keelynet, so thanks! - JWD - Check out Vanguard Sciences or try a Mexistim

07/01/15 - Face-tracking tech knows when you skip church services

07/01/15 - Does rice dry out a wet cellphone?

07/01/15 - Why do people speed up in passing lanes?

07/01/15 - 1962 Jetson Style TWA Airport Terminal

07/01/15 - Mysterious barrier to fusion known as the 'density limit'

07/01/15 - How Television Is Fighting Off the Internet

07/01/15 - Cybersquatting

07/01/15 - Celebrating Workarounds, Kludges, and Hacks

07/01/15 - Physicists Claim Universe 'Rings' Like Crystal Glass

07/01/15 - Living in a giant hologram

07/01/15 - Oceans of Free Energy

07/01/15 - Science is broken

07/01/15 - Hoverboards and levitation

07/01/15 - Artificial Intelligence Machine Gets Testy With Its Programmer

07/01/15 - Swimming pool red-eye isn't from chlorine (It's from urine)

07/01/15 - Bladeless Wind Turbines May Offer More Form Than Function

07/01/15 - Spacecraft built from graphene could run on nothing but sunlight

07/01/15 - Has the Holy Grail of clean energy been found?

07/01/15 - 'Great Pyramid' on Ceres, alien speculation abounds

07/01/15 - Relativity’s time dilation may limit the quantum world

07/01/15 - The Mexistim Polarity Cycler
KeelyNet For over 12 years now, I have slept over a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen which is connected to my Mexistim on my nightstand. I leave it on all the time using the included AC/DC adapter. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as 'health maintenance' because of all the effects listed below which I have noticed from using this device.

There are now three Mexistim versions, the K.I.S.S. (green) model which is a direct clone of the machine used on over 10,000 people, the Basic I (red) model which uses 3vdc to the screen switching at about 15 minute cycles and the Universal II (blue) model which offers 8 options allowing you to choose between 3vdc or 4.5vdc, 3 or 15 minute switching times (approximate) and other settings so you can try what works best for you.

KeelyNet 1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
...3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
....4) Increased overall energy
.....5) No headaches
......6) No stomach pains or aches
.......7) No muscle pains
........8) Weight loss
.........9) Increase urination
.........10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I wouldn't endorse or sell it if it didn't work for me and others who have reported their experiences. You can read more about the Mexistim units and buy one if you'd like at the following link. Thank you very much for your purchase! - JWD - Mexistim Website


06/26/15 - Do Free Energy Devices Exist?
Free energy suppression is a conspiracy theory which claims that advanced technology that would reshape current energy paradigms is being suppressed by governments or special interest groups.

In this context, the term “free energy” is not well-defined, and should not be confused with thermodynamic free energy. Generally, it is used to refer to purported transformative technologies which have the potential to dramatically reduce personal energy costs with relatively little capital investment.

There have been numerous “free energy” claims over the years. Many, such as those evidently implying perpetual motion are impossible according to the universally accepted physical laws. Others, such as cold fusion while not fundamentally proven impossible, are not accepted as established or even regarded as potentially viable by the scientific community at large. Skeptics usually regard all claims of and research into free energy technology as pseudo-scientific.

It is very easy to fake things on the Internet just like it is in movies ( YouTube has hundreds of fake “free energy” generators.)

On the other hand, it is possible that if a working generator based on Transformational Energy Technology was invented, oil producing companies would try to suppress its implementation… The alleged suppression (or weakening) is claimed to be going on for a long time and perpetrated by government agencies, special interest groups, fraudulent inventors and/or a non-demanding public. The special interest groups are usually claimed to be associated with the fossil fuel or nuclear industry, whose industry would be threatened.

The suppression claims basically are:

The claim that the scientific community has controlled and suppressed research into alternative avenues of energy generation via the institutions of peer review and academic pressure.

The claim that devices exist which are capable of extracting significant and usable power from preexisting unconventional energy reservoirs, such as the quantum vacuum zero point energy, for little or no cost, but are being suppressed.

The claim that more efficient versions of renewable energy technologies (such as solar cells and biofuels) and energy-consuming technologies (such as electric vehicles) are being suppressed. Having studied and followed alternative science all my life, I'd say in 90% of the cases where inventors claim suppression, if you dig deep enough you will find error (intentional or on purpose), faked tests and demos, flat-out lies and intentional hoaxes, some to extract money from gullible 'investors'. Then there are the handful who might be telling the truth, that they or their families and friends were threatened. Shut up or bad things happen. - JWD (Click on link for videos) - Do Free Energy Devices Exist?

06/26/15 - Inventor runs motorycle on water/fuel mix
Nothing mysterious about it, he probably uses a surfactant (soap) to mix gas or oil and get as much as an 80% water mix as did Gunnerman back in the 70s..see; 01/31/99 - Gunnerman Patent - Much more promising is this Pakistani kid who converted a 100CC Honda to run on 80% HHO (hydrogen and oxygen mixed) with 20% gas...he gets 50 miles to a liter so with a 9 liter tank can go 450 miles - 06/14/15 - The Pakistani water-kit: fuel your vehicle on water; (Click on link for video) - Inventor runs motorycle on water/fuel mix

06/26/15 - How they went Wrong
There has been no development of this technology and the reclusive Mr Mark is unable to be contacted. See a pattern here?

In late 2005, Bios Fuel and Steve Ryan came to the public, with a water-powered motorcycle. A segment was devoted to this, and aired on the “60 minutes” show in New Zealand. Andrew Gardiner, one of the researchers here at Panacea-BOCAF, immediately arranged for correspondence with Bios Fuel.

Here is a screenshot from “60 minutes” in New Zealand, late 2005. The inventor Steve Ryan is demonstrating a water-powered motorcycle, where the atomic structure of the water is modified to release its hydrogen atoms inside the combustion chamber – which then expand in the chamber and move the pistons. (No further details of this technique have been disclosed by Steve Ryan and BiosFuel – they are keeping the exact details as proprietary. This non-disclosure, and the negative market interest basically results in suppression of the invention)

Andrew Gardiner further reports receiving an email back, “claiming that in the near future they were going to sell the motorcycles with a water conversion in them – and to keep watch of their website. A few months pass with no web-updates, I email them again, asking about the motorcycles. There is no response for roughly eight months. Recently, I received an email from them stating that:

"Due to political and economical reasons, we are unable to sell the motorcycles, however we have a device available for motorcycles and cars that will save 5% off the fuel consumption".

5% is a lousy savings in fuel in my opinion! Home made hydrogen boosters do far better than that! Despite Bios Fuel having a 100% running on water engine, now they are trying to sell a 50% mix, a desperate move and a distortion of their original product - which can eliminate fossil fuels altogether.”

Taken from the Video -Steven Ryan showing his emulsification of water with various waste oils to produce a 50% water/ fuel mix. Original 60 minutes story featuring the motor bike running on 100% water.

Is this change in due to them doing a deal with the oil-companies? The facts are that there are many U.S. Patents granted in the last few years to “over-unity” or Zero Point Technology devices – which in turn enable green free energy alternatives to fossil fuels. However, there is still no faculty in existence, - the main role of which would be providing support, maintaining security, supplying education and increasing public awareness and access to these technologies. The only public awareness and access to these technologies are provided via the works of open-source engineers. No third party validations or participation in information disclosures are allowed by the proprietary inventors. - How they went Wrong

06/26/15 - The new Saudi oil fields: Solar
Saudi oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, is predicting that within just 25 years we could no longer need fossil fuels. Saudi Arabia finds itself in the fortunate position whereby it can effortlessly switch from dominating the energy market of the 20th century through oil to dominating the 21st century with renewables. Al-Naimi believes that solar power will benefit the economy even more than fossil fuels. The evidence for this is that global investment in renewables jumped 16% in 2014, with solar attracting over half the total funding for the first time, driven by a 80% decline in manufacturing costs for solar in the last six years.

Saudi Oil wealth is no doubt a big investor in renewable energy around the world. They are setting the example in their own country by building the worlds largest Solar desalination Plant (see second video). Large Solar PV farms are also being built.

Big Oil and Energy Suppression - This makes a mockery of people claiming big oil or governments are suppressing “Free Energy” or anything that may be a threat to oil consumption. We hear claims that big oil is paying for “Trolls” with disinformation programs to suppress new technologies. They have also been accused of buying up technologies and shelving them. Possibly this may have been the case a few years ago but not now.

They are putting their money where their mouth is. I privately know of 100 million USD fund from the Middle East available to develop any disruptive energy technologies. The only catch is you need to demonstrate your claim as a proof of concept. and they will use scientist and engineers to verify claims through reputable third parties.

The Saudi investors are smart. They made there money out of energy and will continue to do so. The form or source of the energy does not matter, who owns the infrastructure to supply it does.

Solar Desalination - Saudi is setting the example to the rest of the world not just with Solar PV but Solar Desalination. As many countries have found out water desalination requires a lot of electricity, often needing a new power station built .Al Khafji (Saudi Arabia) is the home for what’s already referred to as the largest desalination plant fully powered by renewable solar energy. (Click on link for videos) - How they went Wrong

06/26/15 - Bud Light "Clothing Drive" commercial
How badly you want a beer? (Click on link for 2nd video) - Bud Light "Clothing Drive" commercial

06/26/15 - Physicist Says Human Intention Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine
KeelyNet Dr. William Tiller had a successful and prestigious career in the world of conventional science. He was chair of Stanford’s material science and engineering department in 1996; he published numerous conventional scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. However, he had a nagging urge to study “crazy-seeming kind of stuff.”

He was intrigued by the experiments on human psychic abilities conducted by Soviet scientists. He knew his colleagues found the topic preposterous, yet he asked himself, “How might the universe be constructed to allow this crazy-seeming kind of stuff to naturally coexist with the orthodox science I am doing at Stanford with my Ph.D. students every day?”

When Epoch Times learned that Dr. Tiller had developed a machine that could hold and dispense human intention, we eagerly contacted him to see how it works. He doesn’t know the specific details of how it works! But he knows it does work. So how does he know it works?

Firstly, his experiments show that human intention can significantly change the pH-levels of water up or down (with no chemical additions) or change the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production in fruit fly larvae (and thus enable them to mature more quickly). Secondly, he’s shown that test subjects can direct their intention to his Intention Host Device and that device can later emit this intention, having the same effect without the person being present. It holds and dispenses intention. It works!

It gets weirder. Unbeknownst to Dr. Tiller, this wasn’t the device he was supposed to be using for his conventional studies. A manufacturer’s error had landed the incorrect device in his lap. When he received the device originally sought, it didn’t work as an Intention Host Device. No other device he’s tried has worked either. Only this particular device that came to him by accident and which he decided, on a whim to test with human intention, works as an Intention Host Device. “I think of it as a divine mistake,” he said.

08/12/14 - Practical Techno-Magick - I want to document this...I was so excited when it happened that I didn't apply my usual rule of trying to determine cause and effect. So what changed recently to 'attract' money after months of little or no sales??? I remembered I had setup a 'wishing machine' recently as a test, based on suggestions in the book 'Mind Machines you can Build by G. Harry Stine'. - Physicist Says Human Intention Can Be Imprinted Into a Machine

06/26/15 - Pyramid experiment


I received this email from a friend. - JWD - Do this if you have time in your busy crammed full day. Make one of the 3" Pyramids from the pattern in the Les Brown book you sent me, out of card type paper that will go through your Printer.

Step 2. Lay on the floor head facing East..
Step 3. Place the 3" Pyramid on your Belly side facing Magnetic North.
Step 4. Allow a few minutes for the Pyramid to settle..then touch with your fingers on the North face with one hand and the South face with the other hand.
Step 5. Don't let go no matter what happens ..keep holding is the weirdest most shocking feeling I've ever felt but wonderful all at the same time.

PS When the Girl Friend did it she screamed with the shock of I blamed you...LOL - Pyramid experiment

06/26/15 - Can we make Tomorrowland in our lifetime?
KeelyNet Nix's idea was reasonable: broadcast a future in which humanity would be galvanized to do something about what they believed would happen...but instead, all the visions did was make people accept what they saw, and give in.

They repackaged what they saw into media, and seemed to care only for the here-and-now, never willing to consider what their actions could mean for the future.

Have you ever wondered what would happen, if all the geniuses, the artists, the scientists, the smartest, most creative people in the world decided to actually change it? Where, where could they even do such a thing?

They'd need a place free from politics and bureaucracy, distractions, greed - a secret place where they could build whatever they were crazy enough to imagine... Dreamers need to stick together... It's not programming, it's personal. (Click on link for videos) - Can we make Tomorrowland in our lifetime?

06/26/15 - On Living your Life and Getting Older

Two simplified but very accurate thoughts on living and getting older.
- On Living your Life and Getting Older

06/26/15 - Human Kaleidoscope
Remarkable Chinese gymnasts building a human version of a multi-faceted kaleidoscope. Imagine the strength and precision required to do this in three dimensions, WOW! - Human Kaleidoscope

06/26/15 - Fake Meat: The Meat Glue Secret
If you've been enjoying your steak but getting unhealthier through time, perhaps you were eating some things that's just as good as crap. Your great cuts of meat could probably be repurposed meat which are only fit for dog consumption. This is an industry norm. Have fun, steak lovers. - Fake Meat: The Meat Glue Secret

06/26/15 - Restaurants Sell You Fake Food

06/26/15 - Recipes for Meat Substitutes we love

06/26/15 - Line-X elastic 2mm Truck Bed Liner

06/26/15 - The Texas National Movement

06/26/15 - Forget Flying Cars, the Volocopter Could be a Real Answer

06/26/15 - Time travel and the single atom

06/26/15 - Possible Diabetes and Cancer cures?

06/26/15 - Giant microwave gun can destroy drones from 6 miles away

06/26/15 - Free Energy June 2015 Ruslan 4kW generator

06/26/15 - Yesterday’s Tomorrowland - Are you a doomer or a wisher?

06/26/15 - Brilliantly simple solution to its rat infestation problem

06/26/15 - Woman blinded by flesh-eating bacteria at Dallas mud run

06/26/15 - Hole draining Lake Texoma

06/26/15 - Lexus says it built a real hoverboard

06/26/15 - Most Restaurants 'Saved' By 'Kitchen Nightmares' Are Now Closed

06/26/15 - Wins $500,000 from accidental recording during surgery

06/26/15 - AG Energies India Pvt Ltd Flywheel Free Energy Demo

06/26/15 - Son of Fury

06/26/15 - Weak sun could offset some global warming in Europe and US

06/26/15 - Does a Multiverse Fermi Paradox Disprove the Multiverse?

06/26/15 - Why Putin wants Texas to Secede

06/26/15 - NASA chief says ET life exists

06/26/15 - Diabetes pill might cure Aging

06/26/15 - Can synthetic beef satisfy the world's growing hunger for meat?

06/26/15 - What eating animals is doing to the planet


06/23/15 - Texas Wants Its Gold Back
Take that "Federal" Reserve! - JWD - Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law last week to build a depository for its 5,600 bars of gold and, as he said in a statement, “repatriate $1 billion of gold bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York.” Bloomberg's Lauren Etter reports on “Bloomberg Markets.”

There is about $130 billion in gold in Fort Knox. To keep up with the country's mounting gold reserves, the United States Bullion Depository opened at the Fort Knox U.S. Army Garrison in Kentucky in 1937.Dec 4, 2012 - (Click on link for video) - Texas Wants Its Gold Back

06/23/15 - How to take over and Socialize America
KeelyNet Saul Alinsky died about 43 years ago, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation today. Recall that Hillary did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books.

Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca. Education: University of Chicago Spouse: Irene Alinsky Books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals

Anyone out there think that this stuff isn't happening today in the U.S.?

All eight rules are currently in play.

There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

How to create a social state by Saul Alinsky:

1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people.

2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income.)

6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the government and schools.

8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin's original scheme for world conquest by communism, under Russian rule. Stalin described his converts as "Useful Idiots." The Useful Idiots have destroyed every nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S.

If people can read this and still say everything is just fine… they are “useful idiots. "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." (Click on link for video) - How to take over and Socialize America

06/23/15 - Feather Circuit Boards
KeelyNet I stumbled on this interesting article in one of my diatribes on dielectrics and an ever flying paper airplane.

Richard Wool has recently developed a circuit board made from soybeans and chicken feathers. “With the demise of the oil business in about 25 years and the ever increasing utilization of electronic materials, it makes excellent green engineering sense to pursue new materials that are derived from renewable resources,” Wool said.

“The biobased materials are derived from renewable plant and animal feedstock, which use carbon dioxide from the air and help minimize global warming, as compared to petroleum feedstock.”

A novel bio-based composite material developed from soybean oils and keratin feather fibers (KF), Feather Circuit Boards are suitable for electronic as well as automotive and aeronautical applications. Keratin fibers are a hollow, light, and tough material and are compatible with several soybean (S) resins, such as acrylated epoxidized soybean oil (AESO).

Not only is the material lighter than that of conventional circuit boards, but electrons also move at twice the speed through the feather-based printed version as well. Moreover, these materials are both bountiful in Delaware.

Bird Feathers as Dielectric Receptors of RF Fields - The characteristics of bird feathers as dielectric aerials have been investigated in the X-band region of the microwave spectrum. Preliminary findings show that feathers may act as microwave sensors. Hence, man can influence the behaviour of birds by means of a microwave beam. - Feather Circuit Boards

06/23/15 - First time I've actually laughed at a ventriloquist
The fabulous Nina Conti uses two audience members as dummies. Excellent!

Nina M. Conti (born 5 June 1974) is an English actress, comedian and ventriloquist. Among many characters, her primary on-stage puppet sidekicks are a white-haired Scottish grandmother named Granny and a deadpan and somewhat sinister monkey named Monk.

The face mask, rather than an actual puppet with a personality, is a mask that covers the lower half of an audience participant's face and can be manipulated by a hand-piece held by Conti to make it look like the participant is talking. Conti often uses this to put the participant in awkward and funny situations, such as making them say that they want nothing more than to dance in front of the audience, while their body language suggests the opposite. (Click on link for 2nd video) - First time I've actually laughed at a ventriloquist

06/23/15 - The "Tesla Collection"


Wonderful new, very well organized site on all things Tesla, worth checking out! - JWD

The "Tesla Collection" is the most comprehensive compilation of newspaper and periodical material ever assembled by or about Nikola Tesla. The Collection begins on August 14, 1886 and continues through December 11, 1920. Comprising approximately 1,700 separate items totaling more than 4,200 pages, the Collection is drawn from both American and British publications and is reproduced directly from the original English Language material.

Seen together "The Tesla Collection" not only sheds new light on the early days of electricity, and the development and widespread acceptance by the public and scientific community of Alternating Current, but also provides a one-of-a-kind look into the early days of X-Ray, Wireless, Remote Control, Robotics and the efforts and experiments made by Tesla into the development and delivery of wireless Electricity. - The "Tesla Collection"

06/23/15 - NASA finds perfect pyramid on Mars


A perfect pyramid has been spotted on Mars peeking out from the surface in a photo taken by NASA's Curiosity rover. The small, triangular mound, eerily similar to others found on Earth, may be a capstone, or a grave marker. In either case, it's unlike any similar object found so far on the Red Planet.

The pyramid formation is clearly seen rising above the surrounding Martian surface and is estimated to be the size of a small car. The video speculates it could be some kind of marker left by an intelligent life form inhabiting (or visiting) Mars in the past.

The pyramid-shaped, rocky anomaly is nearly perfectly symmetrical on all sides, a naturally occurring geological formation which is rare on both Mars and Earth. And, it appears to have been built by assembling other rocks nearby, in a brick-like pattern, to form a nearly perfect triangle rising above the Martian landscape. (Click on link for video) - NASA finds perfect pyramid on Mars

06/23/15 - Discovery Channel - Hutchison, Ventura and Newman


Discovery Channel and Joe Newman - This is a recent email response regarding the Discovery Channel video on 'Free Energy' showing Hutchison, Ventura and Newman.

And the last one is poor Joe Newman...he tries so hard but can't make it simple enough for people to understand...his gyroscopic theory is genius and I wish I had bought the book...maybe its still available.

His contention that Faraday originally and quite specifically referred to MOMEMTUM which was later changed by editors to vector, as the true cause of motion in matter.

"He likes to point out that both Maxwell and Faraday, the pioneers of electromagnetism, believed that the fields consisted of matter in motion. This is stated in no uncertain terms in Maxwell's book "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field". In fact, Maxwell used a dynamical model to derive his famous equations. This fact has all but been lost in current books on electromagnetic theory. The quantity which Maxwell called "electromagnetic momentum" is now referred to as the "vector potential"."

The Energy Machine of Joe Newman PDF - "...the magnetic field consists of gyroscopic-type particles which are the mechanical essence of E=MC^ and represent an orderly flow of kinetic energy." (Click on link for other videos) - Discovery Channel - Hutchison, Ventura and Newman

06/23/15 - Power Of Quantum Mechanics That Allows The Sun To Shine
KeelyNet Even though most particles in the Sun don’t have enough energy to get us there, it would only take a tiny percentage fusing together to power the Sun as we see it. So we do our calculations, we calculate how the protons in the Sun’s core have their energy distributed, and we come up with a number for these proton-proton collisions with sufficient energy to undergo nuclear fusion.

That number is exactly zero. The electric repulsion between the two positively charged particles is too great for even a single pair of protons to overcome it and fuse together with the energies in the Sun’s core. This problem only gets worse, mind you, when you consider that the Sun itself is more massive (and hotter in its core) than 95% of the stars in the Universe! In fact, three out of every four stars are M-class red dwarf stars, which achieve less than half of the Sun’s maximum core temperature.

Only 5% of the stars produced get as hot or hotter as our Sun does in its interior. And yet, nuclear fusion happens, the Sun and all the stars emit these tremendous amounts of power, and somehow, hydrogen gets converted into helium. The secret is that, at a fundamental level, these atomic nuclei don’t behave as particles alone, but rather as waves, too. Each proton is a quantum particle, containing a probability function that describes its location, enabling the two wavefunctions of interacting particles to overlap ever so slightly, even when the repulsive electric force would otherwise keep them entirely apart.

There’s always a chance that these particles can undergo quantum tunneling, and wind up in a more stable bound state (e.g., deuterium) that causes the release of this fusion energy, and allows the chain reaction to proceed. Even though the probability of quantum tunneling is very small for any particular proton-proton interaction, somewhere on the order of 1-in-1028, or the same as your odds of winning the Powerball lottery three times in a row, that ultra-rare interaction is enough to explain the entirety of where the Sun’s energy (and almost every star’s energy) comes from.

If it weren’t for the quantum nature of every particle in the Universe, and the fact that their positions are described by wavefunctions with an inherent quantum uncertainty to their position, this overlap that enables nuclear fusion to occur would never have happened. The overwhelming majority of today’s stars in the Universe would never have ignited, including our own. Rather than a world and a sky alight with the nuclear fires burning across the cosmos, our Universe would be desolate and frozen, with the vast majority of stars and solar systems unlit by anything other than a cold, rare, distant starlight.

It’s the power of quantum mechanics that allows the Sun to shine. In a fundamental way, if God didn’t play dice with the Universe, we’d never win the Powerball three times in a row. Yet with this randomness, we win all the time, to the continuous tune of hundreds of Yottawatts of power, and here we are. Mystics say the universe exists due to the breath of God or the Dragon current. - JWD - Power Of Quantum Mechanics That Allows The Sun To Shine

06/23/15 - World debt in Gold
Ever wonder how much gold has ever been exhumed in the history of the world? The GFMS Gold Survey estimates that the total amount is approximately 183,600 tonnes, or 5.9 billion ounces. If we take that figure and multiply it by the closing price on June 16, $1,181 per ounce, we find that the value of all gold comes within a nugget’s throw of $7 trillion. This is an unfathomably large amount, to be sure, yet it pales in comparison to total global debt.

According to management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, the world now sits beneath a mountain of debt worth an astonishing $200 trillion. That’s greater than twice the global GDP, which is currently $75 trillion.

If we were to distribute this amount equally to every man, woman and child on the face of the earth, we would each owe around $28,000. More surprising is that if gold backed total global debt 100 percent, it would be valued at $33,900 per ounce. - World debt in Gold

06/23/15 - Scam - Arctic Glacier Eliminates Wrinkles Forever
KeelyNet I received a spam email with this photograph claiming glacier water removes wrinkles. Big block of salt! - JWD - The Doctor behind this formula refused to let his name be shared over fears that he would lose his medical license by revealing the LIES spread by the "Cosmetic Surgery Industry"... he actually left the company and made them swear they wouldn't use his name when he found out they were taking this information public...

When you see it you'll understand why he ran... and why his partner Andrea feels like she can't run away - even though exposing powerful people this way is dangerous...

If you've ever been told that wrinkles and fine lines can not be reversed or eliminated - you need to hear what he's sharing because there may be a way to reverse the effects of these misunderstood problems... Dr. Andrea Worthington, Anti-Aging Specialist (Click on link for video) - Scam - Arctic Glacier Eliminates Wrinkles Forever

06/23/15 - Centrifugal force for artificial 'gravity'

06/23/15 - Ventriloquist Baffles Vocal Coaches, Doctors

06/23/15 - 5 modern perpetual motion machine designs

06/23/15 - Moon Hoax Now

06/23/15 - The Story of Robert Fulton

06/23/15 - Stop the spread of bacteria on bathroom door handles

06/23/15 - How Beats headphones fool you

06/23/15 - In off-the-grid yurt, Montana couple live 'on our own terms'

06/23/15 - Mystery of the Swiss watch from the Ming Dynasty

06/23/15 - Merv Griffin Show Box Set- Extended Highlights Reel

06/23/15 - Army's eco-friendly quest breeds more deadly bullet

06/23/15 - Legalization Prevents Underage Drug Use

06/23/15 - Human Experimentation: a CIA Habit



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